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   Chapter 1701 Leave Him Alone

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It was a restless night for Sheryl. Her heart was torn into pieces when she saw Charles being so intimate with Leila. She drove her car as fast as she could, caring nothing about safety.

Tears were rolling from her beautiful eyes. It kept flowing down her cheeks. Her vision was already blurry, and she couldn't even see what was on the road. Despite that, she still didn't wipe off her tears. She wished that her sorrow could be like the tears that dried on their own. Sheryl continued to cry as if she could release all of the sadness within her.

Meanwhile, at Holley's home

Just like Sheryl, Holley was having a hard time too.

Whenever she thought about Ferry and Black, she felt pain and tightness in her chest. It was an emotional torture.

She kept on moving on her bed. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep, but couldn't find a way to fall asleep. She had so much on her mind.

After a while, she sat up straight and cleared her mind. She had decided that she would just let whatever came be. Holley realized that she couldn't hide this from the Hu family anymore. She needed to fix this problem once and for all. She needed to take a risk.

She took a deep breath and fished her cellphone out of her pocket. Even though she hesitated for a while, she ended up dialing Ferry's number.

Ferry was relaxing in his mansion. He didn't expect Holley would call him. He smiled and answered the call, "Oh. It is you, babe. I am so surprised that you would call me. Did you miss me?" Ferry teased Holley.

Holley had thought that she would no longer be afraid to hear Ferry. However, she wasn't as tough as she had thought she would be and had just overestimated herself. Ferry's voice was scary and threatening.

Holley couldn't help but shiver. She remained silent for a long time.

"Don't be so rude. I'm asking you, Holley. Why aren't you answering me?" The happiness in Ferry's voice was gone. He became a bit angry when Holley ignored him on the other end of the line.

"Can I see you in person?" Holley asked. She finally broke her silence.

"Alright. So you missed me." A smile star

erry said while nodding his head.

Holley got alarmed when Ferry let it go so easily. Ferry was the kind of person who would hold a grudge. She couldn't help but wonder what was on Ferry's mind.

She still tried to figure everything out, but Ferry immediately sat on the table near him. His fingers were tapping on a rhythm. He seemed to be in a good mood. He asked her, "Holley, what made you call me so late at night?"

"Ferry, I know that you don't want me to stay with Black. I am here to tell you that I am breaking up with him. I will leave him. So please, leave him alone, and please, don't hurt him," Holley explained and walked towards Ferry. Her eyes tried their best to convince him.

Ferry burst into laughter as he noticed how terrified Holley was.

Holley lowered her head when she heard Ferry laughing. She was a little embarrassed. She bit her lips and continued, "I'm not joking. I won't be seeing him anymore. And I will listen to you and help you beat Sheryl and Charles down."

It was one of her worries that Ferry wouldn't believe her. But she had already made up her mind and started burning bridges. She had no other option because the Hu family had not taken any action so far. It seemed that they could do nothing to him. So Holley decided to give up her relationship with Black. She thought that this was for his own good because he would only get hurt by being with her.

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