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   Chapter 1700 Kiss Another Woman

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At first, Nancy panicked and was unable to answer. However, after analyzing the situation, she said coldly, "Miss Zhang, I am a servant of the Lu Family, not yours!"

"Nancy, am I not a member of the Lu Family?" Awakened by the sound coming from the first floor, Melissa went downstairs. She frowned when she heard Nancy arguing with Leila.

"My Lady, what can I do for you?" Lowering her head, Nancy addressed Melissa as soon as she saw her approach.

"Go back to your room!" Melissa looked at Nancy with resentment.

At that moment, Melissa really wanted to dismiss Nancy. In fact, she had already made that decision long ago. As soon as Sheryl and Charles' divorce was finally settled, she would do everything in her power to make Leila become her daughter-in-law and then fire Nancy.

"Yes, My Lady!" Helplessly, Nancy could only look at the now-sleeping Charles. Then she went back to her room.

After Nancy left, Melissa whispered, "Leila, what are you going to do?"

"Aunt Melissa, please, go back upstairs and rest. I will send Sheryl a message to ask her to come and then..." Pausing, Leila left the rest of her intention hanging. Then, moving closer to Melissa, she whispered something to her.

Afterwards, Leila lowered her head shyly. She wasn't sure how Melissa would feel. But, Melissa patted Leila's back with satisfaction.

"Leila, I believe you can do it. Everything is in your hands now." Smiling, Melissa left and went upstairs.

Left alone, Leila started to work on her plan. She walked to where Charles was and called out his name softly. Drunk and unconscious, Charles did not respond.

Leila sighed with relief. Seeing the cell phone in Charles' hand, she made her next move. She took the cell phone. Fixing her gaze on Charles, she waited to see if he would wake up. When he did not stir, she sent Sheryl a message using his cell phone.

For the entire night, Leila didn't do anything but think about how Sheryl would catch them when she slept with Charles. The last time

steps backwards as silently as she could. When she finally reached the door, she ran towards her car.

She didn't know how she left Dream Garden or how she was able to drive back home. She felt her body was numb, and her heart was beating so fast.

Sheryl was in pain, but Leila was celebrating at the moment. She was successful! Everything happened perfectly. And by the time that Charles was aroused by her touch, Sheryl came in. After Sheryl ran out, Charles shouted her name.

"Sher, I love you. Don't leave me!" Charles was kissing Leila while calling out Sheryl's name.

Though Leila felt humiliated, she let it pass. What mattered was that Sheryl had seen everything. And, it made Leila feel better. She would receive the best thing she could ever have wanted.

After the kissing scenario, Charles fell unconscious again. This time, no matter what Leila did, there was no reaction from him.

Although it was a pity on Leila's part, she knew how lucky she was that night. She had taken a step forward to achieving her goal.

Going upstairs, Leila awakened Melissa. The two carried Charles to his bedroom. As planned, Leila took off all of his clothes, and she took off hers as well.

Then, she lay next to Charles and put her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the feeling. Soon, she fell asleep too.

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