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   Chapter 1698 We Didn't Get A Divorce

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7701

Updated: 2019-10-16 02:26

Divorce may seem easy. You signed a piece of paper and just like that you were done. But that wasn't true. There were a lot of things to deal with after. You needed to move out of the house, figure out how to co-parent, and so much more. Sheryl knew this was going to wear her out. But what other option did she have?

Sheryl's phone rang, and she thought it was Nancy again. But it was Ferry this time.

Sheryl hesitated, wondering whether she should take this call. Whatever happens, happens. Sheryl decided to answer the phone.

She remained silent when she answered her phone, waiting for Ferry to say something.

"I heard that you and Charles went to court today?" Ferry teased Sheryl.

Even though Sheryl couldn't see Ferry right now, she could tell from his voice how happy he was. Sheryl wouldn't have been able to control herself if she saw him right now. She would certainly have slapped him across the face.

"Wow, you really do know everything. Then you should know that we didn't get the divorce today." Sheryl was over it, and her patience towards Ferry was wearing thin. The only reason why she still put up with Ferry's nonsense was that she cared about her family, and was worried that Ferry might do something to hurt them if she crossed him.

When people were preoccupied with their personal affairs, they were often stuck, and more often than not, couldn't do much. Ferry knew this, and he was going to use this to take advantage of Sheryl.

"So you're not getting divorced?" Ferry sneered at Sheryl, threatening her.

"I assure you that we'll never be together. I'm still getting a divorce. You said you would give me time. Just keep your promise and stop bugging me!" Sheryl snapped at Ferry. She hated how Ferry kept harassing her.

"I'm glad you're doing this." Ferry smiled, seemingly satisfied. Sheryl didn't reply so he continued, "Sheryl, your time is running out. You'd better get it done as soon as possible. You know what I'm capable of."

"I know!" Sheryl said coldly.

"Don't you even think about trying to play dirty. I've got people watching you." Every time Ferry threatened Sheryl, he always used a light tone, as if he was just joking around with his buddies.

"I hear that your kids are in kindergarten now. How time flies! You know how much I l

omfort Charles. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

"Alright, see you at the dining room, Mr. Lu. Remember to come downstairs. Skipping dinner is bad for your health," Nancy reminded Charles and left.

Melissa and Leila got worried when they saw Nancy coming downstairs by herself.

Thankfully, Charles showed up just a few moments later.

Charles walked to the dining table. He remained silent the entire time they had dinner. He lowered his head, focusing on his meal.

Melissa and Leila focused on eating their dinner too. Every now and then, they would exchange glances. Finally, Melissa broke the silence. She said, "Charles, are you okay?"

"Yes." Charles didn't even lift his head when he answered Melissa.

Melissa was quiet for a moment. She put a fresh piece of fish into Charles' bowl and said, "Isn't this your favorite? Try it!"


Charles was too upset to talk to anyone. So whenever Melissa tried to talk to him, he just shrugged or mumbled a few words or nodded his head. Melissa felt like he was isolating himself from her, from the family, from everyone.

"Charles, would you want to go for a ride after dinner?" Leila put down her chopsticks and asked sincerely.

"No, I'm going to the bar with my friends after dinner."

Charles still didn't lift his head. When he spoke to Melissa, his voice was cold and indifferent. But when he spoke to Leila, he was harsh and impatient. And Leila was able to tell the difference, so she shut her mouth, not daring to say anything else.

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