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   Chapter 1697 Something Was Meant To Be

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Isla had decided to stop pressing Sheryl on this. She understood Sheryl's frustration and didn't want to burden her more. So she took Sheryl's hands into hers and spoke gently, "Sher, remember that we're friends. I'm always here to support you. If you have any problems and need a shoulder to cry on, I'm just a call away, okay?"

"I know that well, Isla. Don't worry too much. I'm fine, really. I'm not hiding anything from you. I was just upset that I failed to get divorced again this time around," Sheryl explained, smiling bitterly.

Isla believed Sheryl's words because Sheryl looked sincere and serious.

"Well. I should get back to work now. Don't forget to eat something, alright? Phoebe got this for you. She knew that you hadn't eaten breakfast yet and she was worried that you were starving," Isla gestured at the breakfast takeout on the desk.

Sheryl smiled sweetly and nodded, "Please, thank her for me, okay?"

When Isla had finally left, the smile on Sheryl's face had faded and she took a deep breath. She tapped her chin and thought to herself, 'Damn it, Charles! Do you really think that you can prolong this forever? Somethings are meant to happen. Why are you so stubborn?'

Meanwhile, in the Dream Garden

After Charles had parted ways with Sheryl, he didn't go back to the Shining Company. Instead, he decided to return to the Dream Garden.

As soon as he stepped into the house, Melissa rushed to him and asked nervously, "So? Did you finally get a divorce?"

Charles only ignored Melissa. He just brushed her aside and walked upstairs.

"Charles, come on! Answer me! I'm asking you!" Melissa was getting more and more anxious with Charles' silence.

Melissa followed Charles upstairs. Then she winced when Charles slammed his bedroom door shut and locked it. "C-Charlie?" Melissa spoke helplessly.

Leila was downstairs and witnessed what just happened. When she saw Melissa standing outside the bedroom, she walked upstairs and accompanied Melissa to the living room.

Both Leila and Melissa were very worried and nervous at the moment. Then finally, Leila broke the silence, "Aunt Melissa, let's call the attorney so we can find out what happened. If we just stand here, we won't know whether Charles and Sheryl have finally gotten a divorce."

Leila clenched a fist against her chest. She was desperate for answers.

"You're right! I'll give him a call now." Melissa took out her phone upon hearing Leila's suggestion.

"Mason, did Charles and Sheryl finally get a divorce?" Melissa was so eager to know the answer that she had e

he future.

"Yes, Nancy. It's just that Charles and I weren't working out anymore. Our marriage has come to an end," Sheryl replied indifferently.

Nancy had felt that Sheryl didn't love Charles anymore. But she shook her head, saying that it was impossible.

"Sher, dearie, Mr. Lu was so sad when he came back home. Is that really what you want? Have you already made up your mind? Do you really want to leave him so badly? And what about the kids if you two have a divorce?" Nancy kept asking a series of questions to Sheryl. She was trying to change Sheryl's mind and wished that the two of them would make up.

"Nancy, I'm sorry, but it's just how things are now. And if you get the chance, please, help me persuade him to sign the papers. I should get back to work now. Bye!" Sheryl took a deep breath. She felt a lump forming inside her throat, and if she continued talking to Nancy, she would burst into tears. She didn't want Nancy to know that she didn't want a divorce. And there was no way that she could let Charles find out that she was still in love with him.

She decided to make up some petty excuse and hung up on Nancy.

Upon hearing the busy tone on the other end of the line, Nancy could only sigh and shake her head. She felt helpless as she continued to prepare dinner.

Meanwhile, Sheryl only stared at her computer screen, lost in thought. She knew that Nancy wasn't a nosy person and wasn't the type to ask too much about personal affairs. After all, Nancy wouldn't have called her like that if Charles wasn't sad.

Yet Nancy didn't know that Sheryl herself was as sad as Charles. Sheryl closed her eyes and finally released the sad tears that she had been holding back for so long.

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