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   Chapter 1696 A Bit Depressed

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"Right, I truly hope things will go well. Otherwise, I don't think I can ever get rid of that woman!" Melissa exclaimed anxiously and slouched on the couch.

Now that she was eagerly waiting to see the result, she wished that time could fly.

"Aunt Melissa, I'm going to buy some of Charles' favorite food. Let's celebrate tonight!" Leila beamed at Melissa.

Melissa had lost focus and her mind was already drifting away. In a daze, she nodded her head.

Seeing that Melissa had agreed, Leila walked out of the Dream Garden.

Actually she wasn't planning to buy some food; her motive was to discuss something with Holley.

"Holley, let's meet," Leila said over the phone.

Holley's mind was occupied with Black. When she heard Leila's request, she frowned and answered, "I'm busy right now. Whatever you have, you can say it over the phone."

Leila couldn't help but wonder what had happened to Holley. 'Why does she sound so upset?' she pondered.

But she had no intention of figuring out what had gone wrong with Holley. "The project with Star Company was sabotaged by someone. Did you have a hand in it?" Leila asked, deciding to cut to the chase.

"Right, I thought I had already told you about it. You only have to tell me the final price!" Holley answered impatiently.

As Leila sounded so urgent, Holley thought that she had something important to tell her. Now it turned out she was going on about this useless business.

"Don't hurry. I'm calling to ask you who the person behind you is!"

Leila had been pondering over this issue for days. No matter how she tried to scratch her head, she couldn't come up with anyone who would deliberately rival Charles while remaining hidden in the dark. That was why she had called Holley.

"Don't ask something you shouldn't be asking. Such an action might get you into trouble. You got what you want, and I got what I want, so consider this topic closed. Curiosity might kill you!" A hint of nervousness flashed across Holley's eyes. Luckily Leila wasn't talking to her face-to-face, or else she might have discovered something was truly wrong.

"All right. Until you tel

was aware that Sheryl was going to settle the divorce with Charles in court today. Preoccupied with that matter in mind, she couldn't concentrate on her work and had been anxiously waiting for Sheryl.

When her office door was pushed open, Isla raised her head and saw Phoebe. Pointing her finger outside, she said to Isla, "Ma'am, Mrs. Lu is back!"

"So early?" Frowning, Isla thought, 'How come she's back so soon?'

Instantly, she rose and went to Sheryl's office.

After getting a cup of coffee for Sheryl, Phoebe soon followed Isla into Sheryl's office.

"Mrs. Lu, here is your coffee. And Miss Zhao, here is your milk tea!" Having worked with them for quite some time, Phoebe knew very well what their preferred drinks were.

Sheryl kept her head low and wore a sullen look. Isla waved at Phoebe, who understood the cue and left the office.

When Phoebe had gone, Isla hurried to ask, "How was it?"

Sheryl merely shook her head without giving any answer.

The gloomy look on Sheryl's face worried Isla. Feeling anxious, she slapped on the desk, and asked, "What happened? Say something!"

Heaving a sigh, Sheryl started, "Isla, Charles didn't divorce me. We didn't go to court. At the moment, I am a bit depressed."

"Really?" Isla eyed Sheryl in disbelief, doubting if Sheryl had told her the truth or not.

Nodding heavily, Sheryl gave Isla a reassuring glance, hoping that it would convince her.

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