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   Chapter 1695 Will You Marry Me

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Last night, Holley had wanted to support Black and help him get to sleep in the bedroom, but he was too drunk, so she was unable to move him. She had no choice but to help change his clothes and let him sleep in the living room all night.

Black didn't care where he was sleeping though. He knew that Holley cared about him, which was enough for him.

"Holley, will you marry me?" Black suddenly got up and walked over to Holley, asking her this without another thought.

Holley was surprised to hear what Black had asked her. She raised her head and looked into his eyes. Her heart pounded like a drum and she was left speechless.

"Holley, I'm serious. So, will you marry me?" Black saw that Holley remained silent and thought that she didn't believe him, so he repeated his question.

"Let's just have breakfast now," Holley said, brushing Black's hand off her shoulder.

Black saw Holley's reaction and thought that she was not willing to marry him. Then he walked to the dining room table in low spirits. Although he had breakfast as she told him, he bowed his head the whole time, like a deflated ball.

Why was Holley unwilling to marry him? If she could marry Black, she would have everything, and he loved her so much. She didn't have any reason to refuse him.

Ferry frightened her, though. She didn't want to live with the threat of him looming over her, so she couldn't dare agree to marry Black.

When they had almost finished eating, Holley noticed Black's depressed expression and then coughed. "After I handle everything that's troubling me, I will consider marrying you."

"Holley, are you serious?" Black sat straight up all of a sudden and looked at Holley in surprise.

Holley had just said that casually, but Black took it seriously. It appeared that he was satisfied with even such a vague answer if it meant there was a chance.

"Hmm." Holley hesitated for a moment before she looked at him and nodded.

"Holley, I will wait for you..." Black mumbled.

In fact, Black hadn't forgotten what had happened in the bar that night, but he didn't dare to ask her to explain. He wa

perked up a little and her eyes became softer.

"Hmm. I am going now, then. Mother, please, take care of yourself." Charles turned to Leila and said, "Look after my mother."

"Okay, Charles. Go now and don't worry about us. I will take good care of Aunt Melissa." Leila assured Charles obediently.

Charles was still really unwilling to go to court, but he had to consider Melissa's health.

Of course, what Melissa had said to him just then was not enough to really affect him, but he couldn't be so selfish as to make his mother feel terrible. So, even if Charles was sad, he still had to go to the court hearing.

Melissa watched Charles as he walked out of Dream Garden. Then she told the driver, "Hurry up and follow him. Don't let Charles drive by himself. You need to drive."

"Yes, My Lady." Hearing what Melissa said, the driver nodded and then ran to catch up with Charles.

Melissa saw the car speeding away and finally sighed with relief. After a long while, she turned back around and asked Leila, "Do you think they will really be getting a divorce?"

"Aunt Melissa, don't worry. Sheryl is tough and will insist on doing what she wants to do. Charles is a man, so if a woman insists on divorcing him, regardless of anything else, he will be angry and perhaps agree to get a divorce," Leila said to Melissa. Her comment wasn't just for Melissa's benefit, but also to comfort herself.

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