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   Chapter 1694 Vomiting

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Holley had been thinking of leaving for a long time. So, she surely wouldn't say anything more to Rex.

The moment Rex finished speaking to her, she quickly rushed out of the mansion.

After Holley left, Rex made a call. A while ago he still seemed deeply worried, but after the call, he seemed to be much more relaxed.

In the meantime, Holley was having a hard time. When she left the mansion located in the suburbs, she hailed a taxi in an attempt to go home. In the cab, she kept looking back, afraid that Rex would have someone follow her. She was also worried that Ferry would appear again.

Holley knew that there was no turning back now. If Rex didn't trust her, or if he spoke to Ferry, she would be dead. She'd had no other choice, though. The most important thing right now was to save herself from the immediate trouble she was in.

Thinking about that, she was so scared that she started to sob. The taxi driver noticed that his passenger in the backseat was crying, by glancing in the mirror.

"Hey kid, did you just have a breakup?" he asked sympathetically. He was eager to offer some advice to the sad girl, who seemed to be fairly young. He believed that his life experience might be helpful to her.

"No!" Wiping the tears off of her face, Holley looked out the window. She had no intention of sharing her feelings; nor did she want to show her ugly side to a total stranger.

"Girl, let me tell you something. You're quite good-looking, so don't get too involved in relationships yet. There're a lot of things in life that are worth exploring. If you fail in a relationship, that doesn't mean that you've failed in your life!" The taxi driver couldn't help offering more advice to the sorrowful girl.

"Excuse me, do I know you? Why are you judging me? Can't you just focus on driving?" Holley raged at the driver.

'Even a total stranger is shaking his finger at me! What the fuck?!' she angrily roared in her heart. The driver was stunned for a moment and gave up on saying anything more.

Suddenly, the air in the cab became so tense that it was almost suffocating.

Holley heaved a

uch, Black began drunkenly talking to Holley.

"Holley, are you still here?"

"Yes!" Holley knew that if she didn't respond to him, he would keep calling her name over and over again. Having no other choice, she had to keep the conversation going with him.

"Holley, please, give me a hug! Hug!" Black said loudly to her, laying back with his eyes closed.

Holley had to put down the cloth in her hand and went over to hug him.

After he was satisfied, he fell back asleep. Holley was so tired that she slumped to the floor.

It was very late when Holley was done. She took a quick shower before she went to sleep.

The next day when Black woke up, he had an agonizing headache.

Every inch of his body felt uncomfortable. He struggled to open his eyes a bit and was surprised to find that he was in Holley's house.

He tried to remember what had happened last night. Even though he couldn't exactly remember everything, he still had memories of how Holley had taken care of him so patiently while he was puking.

At that thought, Black felt deeply touched. He was so grateful, and it was so overwhelming, that it flushed away the memories of the night when he saw her with Ferry. In truth, he had chosen to forget that incident on purpose.

"Oh, you're awake now! Come to the kitchen and have some breakfast!" Holley came out from the kitchen to greet him when she saw that Black had woken up.

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