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   Chapter 1693 Kidnapped

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Holley chewed her lower lip. She didn't know how to face Black anymore. After all the love and care Black had showered her with, she still had the audacity to hurt him time and again.

Her heart was heavy with guilt and sorrow. She dropped onto her bed, covered her head with her pillow, and burst into tears. Her sobs echoed across her room.

"Knock! Knock!" Someone knocked on Holley's door.

It sent shivers down her spine. Holley immediately became anxious when she thought it might be Black. Her mind was frazzled when thinking of what she should say to him. "For Pete's sake! You've got this," Holley told herself and took a deep breath to calm herself before finally opening the door.

When she had opened the door, Holley's eyes widened in confusion. It wasn't Black, instead, there were two strange men.

Then she narrowed her eyes cautiously, as her voice shook. "W-Who are you, and how did you find me?"

"There's no need for you to know. You'd better come with us! I don't want to be rude towards you," one of the men said impatiently. It seemed like these two strange men worked for Rex.

"What makes you think that I am coming with you? Who the hell do you think you are?" Holley tried her best to shut the door, but the men had anticipated what she was about to do and were quicker than her. One of the men had placed his foot in the door to prevent it from closing.

He smiled viciously as he warned Holley, "Ah, Ms. Holley, our boss told us to bring you to him. Unfortunately, he didn't mention whether you needed to be alive or not. So be a good girl, unless you want us to bring your corpse to him!"

Holley was suddenly alerted by his threat. She was dumbfounded and scared at the same time. She tried to rack her brains but still couldn't figure out who she had offended this time.

"Huh? Who is your boss? Tell me!" Even though she was scared as hell, Holley plucked up all her courage and still put on a brave front.

"Like we said, it's none of your fucking business. Now get your stupid ass up and come with us!"

Both men had already lost their patience. Without any warning, they grabbed Holley by the arms and dragged her out of the room.

"No! Let go of me, you bastards! Help! Somebody, help me!" Holley yelled out loud, hoping someone could hear her and come to her aid.

"Shut your trap, you bitch!"

One of the men took out a sharp knife from his pocket and pointed it at Holley's face. "If you don't shut up, I will slit your throat!"

Holley immediately went silent. Right now, it was her safety that

e Hu, Ferry told me that if I continued being with Black, he would kill him. Please, save us, Uncle Hu! I can't live without Black!" Holley freaked out as she recalled Ferry's words to her.

"Just fucking shut up!"

Rex snapped at Holley. He was pissed off right now, and hearing Holley's voice only irritated him even more.

Holley fell silent, allowing Rex to calm himself and think of a solution.

Then Rex turned to speak to Holley. "You'd better be telling me the truth. Don't cheat on my son ever again. Otherwise, I'll drag you down to hell along with Ferry. Do you understand?"

"Uncle Hu, yes. You can rest assured. I love Black with all of my heart. Otherwise, I wouldn't have felt threatened by Ferry or done whatever he asked me to every time," Holley said, full of determination while trying her best to convince Rex.

"You better keep your word, young lady. Remember this: The reason why you're still alive is that Black loves you. If you break his heart, I can't guarantee you what I will do to you. Got that?" Rex warned Holley in a dreary voice.

Holley nodded her head firmly. She was determined to make Rex believe her.

"From this day on, you'd better cut ties with Ferry. Mind your behavior, and don't you dare hurt Black's feelings ever again! You hear me?" Rex glanced coldly at Holley.

Holley had been kneeling on the ground for quite some time, and her knees felt numb. It took her a while to stand up and keep her balance. She nodded at Rex. "Yes, Uncle Hu. Please, be assured that I won't do that ever again. I love Black with all of my heart!"

"Now scram! Get the hell out of my place!" Rex snapped at Holley, not wanting to see her face for one more second.

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