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   Chapter 1692 Rex’s Rage

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Phoebe nodded at Isla, and sighed. "Mrs. Zhao, Sheryl's just pretending she's fine, but I can tell she really isn't."

Isla looked at Phoebe and then shot her eyes towards Sheryl's office. A wave of sympathy rose in her heart. She agreed with Phoebe—she could tell Sheryl was just pretending, but deep inside, there was turmoil. Sheryl had to meet Ferry's demands, and divorcing Charles wasn't an easy decision to make. Isla figured that Sheryl must be under a lot of pressure right now, and her divorce with Charles was what she thought about the most.

"Okay, I know. You should get back to work. I will go and talk to her." Isla made her way toward Sheryl's office after she spoke.

The door of the office was usually open. As Sheryl's best friend and her working partner, Isla didn't bother knocking—she just entered Sheryl's office.

"Sher, I heard you've sent out your letter from the lawyer. Are you really going to divorce Charles?" Isla asked, with a concerned look.

Sheryl knew it must be Phoebe who'd told her so she wasn't surprised when Isla asked her. Instead, she was even relieved. She'd expected that Isla would find out sooner or later.

After a pause, Sheryl dropped the pen she was holding, raised her head, and said with a nod, "Yes, I am. The sooner, the better. It will be better for both me and Charles."

"But are you really sure that you won't regret this?" Isla seemed concerned. She knew how much Sheryl loved Charles. She found it difficult that Sheryl would leave Charles just like that.

"I have to! Do I have another option?" Sheryl got emotional. It was the last topic she wanted to touch on. But since Isla brought it up, Sheryl wouldn't just say no. Despite all the turmoil inside, she managed a smile.

Isla knew Sheryl was running out of options. She understood that Sheryl was seeking a way out and what she had chosen to do seemed to be the only way. However, it seemed that Sheryl didn't realize she had fallen into Ferry's trap.

"Can't we just figure out another way?" Isla argued, her face anxious.

She really felt for Sheryl. Even though Isla had no idea what it was like for Sheryl, she could only imagine, and she felt frustrated for her best friend.

"It's fine, don't worry about it. We were bound to get divorced anyway. It was just a matter of time. You know I don't get along with Melissa, and now she has Leila who doesn't like me either. This is the way it's supposed to be," Sheryl said rather calmly.

Isla couldn't help but frown. Her nose twitched as sh

't want to waste any time thinking about silly things. Even though he didn't want Leila to come with him, he just agreed with her.

At Rex's residence

Rex gathered his men in front of him and asked them to report what was happening. These guys had tailed Holley the whole day, yet they hadn't found anything. Unfortunately, they had no choice but to face Rex despite coming empty-handed.

"Well, how about the things that happened to her last night?" Rex pressed, his voice was firm and stern. He was disappointed that his men weren't able to find anything.

One of the guys stepped forward. He touched his hair and said respectfully, "Boss, Holley went to Ferry's villa last night and spent the night there."

Rex flew into a terrible rage upon hearing this. He smacked his hand heavily onto the table, as he shot a spiteful look at his men.

They all lowered their heads. They could feel the tension as they waited for Rex to speak again.

Rex was furious that Holley had stayed in Ferry's villa for the night. He could only imagine what she had done that night with Ferry.

'What kind of woman is that! She hooks up with Black and then turns around and sleeps with other men! How dare she play Black like that!'

Then he slammed his fist on the table again and ordered, "I order you to bring Holley to see me! Do what you have to do. Just bring her to me!"

"Yes, boss!" the men responded in unison. They quickly disappeared as they headed toward Holley's house.

Lying on the bed, Holley felt weak and lifeless. The things that Ferry had done to her last night had drained her. As she recalled them in her head, and she couldn't help but blush in embarrassment.

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