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   Chapter 1690 When Holley Hurt Black

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"Would you stop beating him in the face? If Mr. Hu finds out later, he will be sad. No father would be happy to see that." Ferry lifted his lips into a disdainful smile. He hurriedly took Holley in his arms and rushed out of the bar.

There was sadness written all over Holley's eyes as she kept looking back at Black. But she had to keep her mouth shut and couldn't utter a word.

More than ten minutes had passed, and Black was being violently beaten. Nobody could even recognize him. Then they finally stopped.

"If I were you, I would be careful. Don't offend anyone that you can't afford to." Ferry's men swaggered off.

The secretary walked up with a cautious and concerned face when she saw that Ferry and his men had left.

"Are you okay, Mr. Hu?" Black's secretary was scared by what she had seen and finally dared to speak after the fiends had all gone away.

"Get out," Black shouted at his secretary. He was frustrated and didn't want anyone to see him in this condition.

The secretary felt that Black didn't want anybody to see him being bullied, so he immediately ran away.

Meanwhile, almost everyone was crazily shaking their bodies. As the music reached their ears, it seemed that nothing had happened earlier.

Black stared blankly at the entrance. His eyes were tired and depressed.

He asked himself what was wrong with him.

He'd just let that man take Holley away from him.

Black thought about everything. He felt even more depressed as he hated himself for his inability. Then he started to drink one bottle after another as if each would be his last.

He drank for more than two hours, and he became very drunk. So the bartender decided to chase him out of the bar.

The bartender was certainly aware that the drunk man in front of him was the son of the Hu Family. So he told the driver to take Black to the Hu Family's residence.

When Black returned back home, he lay on the couch as he kept throwing up.

It was a good thing that Rex was on the second floor, and heard the noise in the living room. So he dialed the number of the servant's room, and a servant quickly answered him.

"My Lord, it's the Young Master who retu

Ferry Fang? He was a man who had connections with the gangland.

There were some transactions with the gangland that had made Rex quite familiar with Ferry's identity. He knew that this man was not a simple one.

Rex frowned, for he knew that his son was always cautious, no matter what he did. How could he have offended Ferry? He couldn't help but think that it must be related to Holley.

"Haven't you found out what conflict they had?" Rex asked one more time.

"It was this woman named Holley. Ferry seemed to be Holley's friend. They sat next to each other and drank, appearing to be close. Black suddenly came over, but Holley chose to ignore him. She just continued to chat with Ferry. It made Black so angry that he wanted to beat Ferry."

"So his followers beat Black up?" Rex cut in, even before the hired follower could finish his sentence.

The man had noticed Rex's deep tone and didn't dare to answer, so he had to keep silent to confirm Rex's guess.

"So my son fought with Ferry because of a woman. Am I right?" Rex couldn't help but furrow his eyebrows. He hadn't thought that his son would be so foolish.

So it was Holley who had caused all the trouble.

Since ancient times, the hero couldn't resist a beautiful woman. Rex always hated any woman who could influence his emotions. Moreover, this woman was Holley, who he hadn't liked from the beginning. "So my son fought with Ferry because of a woman. Am I right?"

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