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   Chapter 1689 An Unexpected Encounter

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"Okay, let's wait for Shirley, and then we'll all go to bed together, all right?" Sheryl patted Clark's head.

Shirley came out of the bathroom before too long.

When she was with the kids, Sheryl felt like all her worries had disappeared. Everything seemed to be fine when the kids were around.

Before they went to sleep, Sheryl told them a bedtime story, and the kids fell asleep before she'd even finished the story. Sheryl made sure that the kids were covered with a blanket, and then she turned the light off and left the kids' room.

Sitting on the couch, Sheryl fell into her reveries again.


At the Urban Bar, Ferry was drinking with his men. The waitresses in the bar didn't react to him, even when he tried to flirt with them.

Feeling irritated, he suddenly thought of Holley. His lips curled into a smile, as if he had thought of something interesting. Taking out his phone, he called her up.

After a few seconds, Holley picked up the phone.

"Get over to the Urban Bar now!" Ferry didn't even wait for the woman at the other end of the line to reply before he hung up the phone on her.

Holley was about to go to sleep when the call came in. Hands trembling, she picked up the phone.

Even though the call only lasted for a few seconds, she still couldn't help trembling. 'What does he want this time?' Holley wondered in fear.

She hesitated for a few minutes, but ultimately decided to heed his order.

Half an hour later, Holley arrived at the bar.

The moment Holley took her seat next to Ferry, he put his arm around her. Flicking her chin, he said, "What? Didn't you want to come?"

"I do want to be here!" Holley answered as she kept her head bowed.

"You look like you're being forced. Well, if you didn't want to come, then why are you still here? Why would you do something you don't want to do?" Ferry questioned in a mocking tone.

After he finished speaking, he started to force Holley to drink so

agreed to be touched by me?" Ferry said as he deliberately tried to provoke Black.

"You are an asshole!" Black raised his hand to try to punch him.

Unfortunately for him, Ferry had a few men with him. As Black was about to strike at Ferry, the men jumped up to block him.

One of the men extended his arm and pulled Holley back from Black, pushing her back to Ferry.

Black only had a female secretary with him, so there was no way that he could win against the group of men.

"Oh, you think so? Are you a coward? Don't you love this woman? Come on, why don't you come and take her away from me?" Ferry sneered.

Black felt like his words had become stuck in his mouth, and he couldn't say anything to argue back.

Ferry thought that it was boring now that Black didn't confront him further. After standing up, he pulled Holley's hand and went over to Black. "If you don't take your woman back, then I'm going to take her and have some real fun!" he exclaimed.

"Fuck!" Black cursed aloud when it all became too unbearable for him.

"How dare you!" one of Ferry's men yelled at him. They pressed Black down on the table. No matter how much Black struggled, he could not get away from them. The men had been specially trained in fighting, not to mention that there was a group of them.

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