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   Chapter 1688 A Fake Letter

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When David finished speaking, Charles didn't know what to think.

"Even a small company thinks it can compete with us now," Charles said in a low voice.

David could sense that Charles was getting angry. He kept his head low as he waited for Charles to scold him. However, Charles didn't say anything, and he raised his head again to steal a glance at him.

Charles looked sullen. David was so terrified that he quickly averted his eyes again.

"Are you the actual owner of the company?"

"No. Sir, why?" David shook his head.

He had no idea what Charles was getting at.

While David seemed nervous, Charles was much more composed.

After noticing how nervous David was, he slowly said, "If not, then why are you scared?"

"Sir, I..." David was at a loss for words.

"All right. It has nothing to do with you. You don't have to be afraid. Is there anything else that you've found?" Charles put down the documents in his hand.

After thinking for a while, David answered, "Sir, although I haven't found out who the actual owner of the company is, I found out that someone within the Shining Company is involved."

This was what David had worried about the most. He had been thinking about how he was going to tell Charles this.

"In the Shining Company? Who?" Charles wasn't really surprised. After all, such a leakage wouldn't be possible without someone on the inside.

"Whoever it is, he's really careful, because even I don't know who he is," David answered.

"Okay, I get it. Continue with the investigation. Report to me if you find anything." After Charles gave his instructions, he leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes.

Then David left Charles' office. When he closed the door, he heaved a heavy sigh of relief.

Then he walked away.

After David left, Charles opened his eyes again, clearly contemplating on somethin

e, she turned and headed upstairs.

When Melissa left, Charles heaved a deep sigh. Just the mere sight of the letter had made him so angry. He had instantly grabbed it and tore it apart.

The pieces of the paper fell on the floor from his numb fingers, and his face was grief-stricken.

'Is this really it for me and Sheryl?

No! I'm not going to let this happen. When we got married, I vowed to her that we would stay with each other no matter what!' he thought to himself.

Charles clenched his fists as he slumped onto the couch.

Meanwhile, Sheryl was feeling terrible too.

Although she'd already sent out the lawyer's letter, she didn't seem to be relieved. On the contrary, she became even more anxious.

'It's been a day. Why hasn't Charles done anything?' she wondered.

She pursed her lips as she worried over whether Charles had already received it or not.

"Mom, we're going to sleep now!" Clark had just gotten out of the bathroom. He noticed that Sheryl was deep in thought, so he walked over to her and held her hand.

"All right. Clark, you're such a good boy. Has your sister finished brushing her teeth?" Sheryl said to Clark, beaming at him.

Clark nodded as he answered, 'Yes, she's coming out soon!"

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