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   Chapter 1687 Stopping At An Appropriate Moment

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"I'm not worried about him. I just, just... He's still the father of my children, so I still care about him somehow. Well, that's it. Okay, bye." Sheryl ended the call before Nick could even respond.

She knew that she almost gave herself away. She didn't want Nick to worry, so she had no choice but to lie to him.

Nick looked at his phone and shook his head. He couldn't help but mutter, "Sher, I understand you, and I know what you want to do."

After Sheryl had talked to Nick, she calmed down. She didn't think of Charles again as she went back to working.

In the Shining Company

"Did you say that Mr. Lu was in a bad mood at the meeting?" Leila asked when she saw the secretary, who had been there at the meeting, crying.

The secretary nodded as she wiped her tears away. She said in a low voice, "I spilled hot water on Mr. Lu."

"Did he get hurt?" Leila asked in a serious tone.

When Leila saw her shake her head, she sighed in relief.

"That's okay. You're lucky that you didn't get fired for that." Then Leila looked at Charles' office.

After a while, she decided to take Charles a cup of coffee.

Leila thought she had some privileges because Melissa was loyal to her. So she just entered the office without knocking.

"Charles, I brought you coffee," Leila said as she placed the cup of coffee on the desk where he was working.

"Did I allow you to come in?" Charles said, lifting his head to look at Leila.

Leila was embarrassed and cast a glance at Charles. Then she said, "Charles, I'm very worried about you. That's why I came over. You know, Aunt Melissa asked me to look after you. If something goes wrong with you in the company, Aunt Melissa will blame me."

Leila's voice sounded sharp to Charles. He couldn't help but frown.

When Leila finished speakin

old her in his arms, but she left the building and got into her car. Unseen, Charles followed and got into his own car.

"Sheryl, can you please give me more time?" Charles muttered. When he saw Sheryl drive away, he started his own engine, too.

He followed Sheryl until they finally reached the kindergarten.

When Charles saw Sheryl hug the children, he felt as if he couldn't control himself anymore. Just as he was about to approach them, his phone rang.

He picked up the phone with a frown and barked, "Speak!"

"Mr. Lu, I discovered a few things about the project. Do you have time to meet now?" David said carefully because he heard the iciness in Charles' tone.

"Wait for me at the office," Charles said quickly and hung up.

However, when he turned to look at Sheryl and the children again, they'd already left.

Charles felt lost, but for now, he had to return to the office for the project.

When he arrived at the office, David was already waiting there.

"Mr. Lu, the company contending for the project is a small one. They deliberately lowered their price so that they could go against us." David wasted no time. As soon as he saw Charles, he blurted out what he knew.

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