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   Chapter 1686 Do Your Own Job Well

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Charles continued, "I don't care what method you use, but you can't depend on the Star Company's project. If our sales decrease from last year, you're all free to leave the company at the end of the year."

Afterward, Charles walked out of the meeting room.

Everyone sighed in relief after the boss had left, most especially Justin, the young manager who had been so heavily berated. He didn't think there was anything wrong with what he had said, but why was Charles so furious?

Justin thought it over, but he still couldn't understand. Seeing that David was preparing to leave, Justin stopped him.

"David, what's wrong with the boss these days?" Justin figured it didn't have anything to do with him, but rather that Charles was pissed at something else. As he thought of this, he guessed that something must have happened to Charles. Why else would he be so upset?

"Justin, it's best that you just focus on doing your job. Charles' personal life is none of our business," David said politely. After that, he left the meeting room too.

News spread that the meeting didn't go well, so everyone knew that Charles was in a bad mood. They were alarmed and started working cautiously, afraid to be criticized by Charles.

Compared to the Shining Company's chaos, Cloud Advertising Company was doing much better.

While Sheryl was also preoccupied with the divorce, she made sure that no one noticed. She acted as if everything was perfectly fine. Even Phoebe, who had been working with her for many years, had no idea what was going on, not to mention the others.

"Ms. Xia, Mr. Xu from Blue Cloud Technology is here. Will you see him? Or shall I call Ms. Zhao to ask if she can come back and meet him?" Phoebe said as she knocked on the door and then came in, looking at Sheryl hesitantly.

Sheryl glanced at Phoebe and noticed the panic in her eyes. Then she laughed. "No need. Tell Mr. Xu to wait for me in the reception room. I'll be there soon."

"Okay, Ms.

careful, but she just couldn't make herself do it.

After a few moments of deep thought, she decided to call Nick.

"Sher, what's wrong?" Nick was still working in the office. When his phone rang, he thought it was Cassie. He was surprised to find that it was Sheryl.

"Nothing. I just wanted to ask you if you have heard any news about Star Company lately." Sheryl saw Nick as a friend, so she got straight to the point.

Nick was taken aback, but he was quickly able to recover. He answered, "Yes, I've heard of that."

"Is it serious? Will it affect Shining Company's project?" Sheryl really wanted to know more about the issue.

"Sher, don't worry. It won't affect Shinning Company. Charles is handling it. It's nothing." Nick realized that Sheryl was getting anxious, so he tried his best to calm her down.

In fact, what confused Nick was not the question Sheryl had asked but her attitude. He knew that she and Charles were already getting lawyers involved. It seemed like they were getting a divorce sooner or later, so why would Sheryl be so worried about Charles?

Nick couldn't figure it out. They loved each other, so why would they get a divorce?

"Sher, you still care about Charles. Why are you two divorcing then?" Nick tried his best to control himself, but he couldn't. He had to ask.

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