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   Chapter 1685 Charles' Rage

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"Of course. Or else why would I ask you to come in? Go work on it!" Sheryl exclaimed.

"Okay, Ma'am. I'll start working on it now." Suppressing her anxiety, Phoebe nodded before she stepped out of the room.

Sitting alone in her office, Sheryl fell into deep thoughts again. She couldn't tell whether she was doing the right thing or not, but she was sure that it was the only possible solution right now.

Meanwhile, in the Shining Company CEO's office.

It had only been two days since Charles had been discharged from the hospital. Without a doubt, there were a lot of things that he needed to deal with within the company. He clearly had his hands full all day.

Standing outside of Charles's office, David was hesitant to go in. He wasn't really sure whether he should knock or not. Looking down at the paper in his hand, he felt fear surging from his heart for the first time.

To him, the most complicated issue in this world was having a relationship. David heaved a bitter sigh, inhaled deeply, and finally knocked on the office's door.

"Come in!" Charles was busy reading some documents when he entered. Knowing that he had already permitted the visitor to come in, he didn't even raise his head. David closed the door behind him and walked towards his boss.

Noticing that Charles was busy reading something, David coughed softly to draw his attention. "Sir, here is a..." His sentence came to a sudden halt.

Charles waited for the next half of his sentence. When David didn't seem to want to continue, he looked up and ordered, "Say it!"

"Sir, we received a letter from Mrs. Lu's lawyer. She is going to sue you for the divorce." Mustering all the courage he had, David finished the sentence as he put the lawyer's letter on Charles's desk.

Putting down the document he was holding, Charles turned to stare at the piece of paper in front of him.

"All right. I get it. You can go now." Charles felt anger burning in his heart, but decided not to vent it on David. He tried to keep his temper, at least for now.

Hearing Charles' words, David heaved another sigh of relief and quickly left the office.

Soon enough, Charles was alone in his office again. Wearing a grim expression, he grabbed the piece of paper and tore it i

k and exclaimed, "Don't you see where the problem is? It must be because of the project with the Star Company!"

"Sir, it's a minor issue. We can fix that problem soon!" the manager explained in a hurry.

"Minor issue? It's been dragging on for a month! And you call that a minor issue? Now tell me, what is a major issue to you?" Charles yelled impatiently.

"I..." The manager tried to say something to defend himself, but he couldn't find any words to do so.

"The Shining Company doesn't need anyone who can't deliver work properly. If you can't do it, then let others do the job instead. I don't want to hear empty promises anymore. I want to see results!" Charles stressed each syllable, making sure everyone in the room heard him.

Surprised in seeing this side of Charles, all the managers silently wondered what had made him so angry, but none of them dared to speak up.

The secretary had just returned from fetching a cup of water for Charles. Terrified, upon hearing him scolding the managers aloud, she accidentally spilled the water on the desk, splashing it onto Charles.

"I'm really sorry, sir," the secretary immediately apologized, her voice quivering. In a hurry, she grabbed some tissues to wipe it dry, her hands literally trembling.

"Get out! Who asked you to come in?" Charles raged at his secretary.

Embarrassed and terrified at the same time, she apologized again before leaving the room.

As soon as the door closed, the room succumbed to a pin-drop silence.

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