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   Chapter 1684 Filing For Divorce

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Isla saw that Sheryl was in tremendous pain, and asked in a worried tone, "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. Isla, just leave Leila alone for now," Sheryl said with a serious expression, hoping that Isla would do what she said.

Isla burst into laughter. She gave a smile of utter contempt, and said, "Do you think I'm afraid of that woman?"

"Isla, it's not out of fear. It's just not worth our time to deal with her." Nick saw Sheryl's pained expression, so he tried to intercede on her behalf to preserve the peace.

"Well, we're okay now. If she causes more trouble, I won't spare her though." Isla knew that it was better for Sheryl if she let it go, so she chose to control herself.

Sheryl was worried about Isla, so she let Josef escort her back home.

After they left, Nick said, "Sher, don't worry. I'll go to the police station and handle everything."

"Don't push her hard. I worry that she'll do something more aggressive if things get worse. Just warn her to stop meddling."

Sheryl wasn't being merciful, but she had no time to fight with Leila, so she chose to reconcile instead.

"I understand, Sher, so don't worry. I'll help you go upstairs." Then, Nick helped Sheryl get upstairs. After Sheryl fell asleep, Nick went to the police station.

The men had been sent to prison, so Nick waited for the police to take Leila.

After a while, Leila arrived.

"Did you set a trap to catch me?" Leila asked, pointing at his nose.

"Are you kidding? You're the one who plays such tricks," Nick accused with a contemptuous smile. He had no idea that Leila would choose to behave like that.

"Sir, he has something against me, so he plays awful tricks on me. I didn't do anything today, and I stayed at home all day. You can verify that any way you want. You can check my phone to see whether I called those men or not," Leila said in a very anxious tone.

The policeman looked at Leila and then turned to Nick. The he said, "You can leave now. We have taken the statements, so it's none of your business now. We'll handle i

en, she would have nothing to say to defend herself.

Over the next few days, nothing happened.

Charles and Melissa got released from the hospital, but Sheryl didn't visit the hospital.

Sheryl was at the Cloud Advertising Company building now.

She was upset and couldn't focus on the contract. Then, she put it aside, pressed her hand to her forehead, and frowned while letting out a sigh.

Those days, there was no news from Charles, but Sheryl couldn't wait anymore. Ferry was in a hurry, but Charles didn't reveal what he had decided to do. She knew that she couldn't wait anymore.

"Phoebe, come to my office," Sheryl called and asked Phoebe to come in.

After a moment, Phoebe knocked on the door and came in.

"Hello, what's up?" Phoebe stood in front of Sheryl and waited to hear what she wanted.

"Find the lawyer, and send Charles a letter about the situation. I'm going to file for divorce,"

Sheryl said calmly, and then she continued working.

Phoebe wondered whether she had misunderstood Sheryl's words, so she looked surprised.

After a moment, Sheryl saw that Phoebe had given no answer. She raised her eyes and looked back up at her. "Go now."

Sheryl knew what Phoebe was thinking, but she didn't want to explain it at all.

Phoebe gritted her teeth, and hesitated for a moment. Then she asked, "Ma'am, are you sure?"

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