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   Chapter 1683 Despising Her Own Incapability

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"Tell Charles? Are you crazy? We know very well about Ferry. Let's say that Charles finds out, and he goes after Ferry. Are you sure Ferry won't harm Charles instead? What if we're making a bigger mess? What if the kids get dragged into this? And who knows? He might even go as far as to kill Charles. Do you think I'm going to risk it?" Sheryl helplessly told Isla.

Isla understood how Sheryl was feeling. Ferry was a sociopath, and there was a chance that Sheryl's greatest fears might come true.

When Sheryl saw the worried look on Isla's face, she patted Isla's shoulder. Even though she was just as scared as Isla was at the moment, she tried to comfort her. "Don't worry," she said. "If the end of my marriage guarantees everyone's safety, so be it. It'll be best for everyone if I divorce Charles."

Tears welled up in Sheryl's eyes as soon as the word "divorce" escaped her lips. She wasn't as strong as she had imagined herself to be. The thought of her leaving Charles filled her with sadness. She had wanted nothing more than to remain his wife and for them to raise their two lovely children together. Even if Leila had managed to cause a rift in Sheryl and Charles' marriage in the past, Sheryl still wanted Charles. She didn't want a divorce.

"Are you okay?" Isla asked. She had noticed that Sheryl had suddenly lowered her head.

Sheryl neither spoke nor raised her head. She merely nodded softly, letting her friend know that she was okay considering everything that was going on.

For a long while, they remained silent.

After the moment had passed, Sheryl suggested that they return to the office.

Isla nodded her agreement and went with Sheryl.

Eventually, the working day ended, and evening came.

Initially, Aron had planned to pick Isla up from work. However, today, he found himself stuck in a meeting, and thus, he couldn't come. It seemed that Isla had to go home by herself.

"Isla, come. I'll drive you home," Sheryl promptly offered. Apparently, on Sheryl's way down the stairs, she had overheard Isla talking to Aron on the phone. She had quickly figured out that Aron couldn't pick Isla up. Offering Isla a ride seemed like a good idea.

Upon hearing this, Isla beamed with delight. For one thing, she hadn't brought her own car to work. For another, accepting Sheryl's offer meant that they could chat during the drive home.

"This means a lot, Sher," said Isla. "Thank you so much!" She looked at Sheryl with grateful eyes.

Now that Sheryl was in a better mood, she pretended to throw up. She jokingly frowned and clutched her chest as if astonished by Isla's response. "Stop it," Sheryl said. "Why are you acting so polite? Are you ill?"

"Girl, this is for your benefit," Isla responded before throwing Sheryl a fake angry look.

Sheryl smiled knowingly and

k and Josef, she quickly grabbed Isla and opened the door.

"What happened?" Sheryl and Isla walked out of the security door, their eyes filled with worry.

Before Nick responded to the women, he first looked at Josef with obvious respect and admiration. "I was surprised. You are awesome."

Sheryl and Isla were momentarily confused.

Finally, Nick told them everything.

After Josef had walked with the strange men toward the bank, he turned around and fought them. He did this to buy himself some time to wait for police.

Although Josef was outnumbered, he had some knowledge of martial arts. Thus, he received very few injuries. Soon, Nick and some policemen arrived, and the police took the offenders away.

"Have you asked them? Who they were working for?" Isla was afraid that those people would continue to hurt Sheryl. She wanted to know who the actual enemy was.

"It's Leila Zhang," said Nick.

"What? I slapped her in the face today, but she still hasn't realized who she's up against?" Isla looked at Nick in complete disbelief.

Nick shook his head helplessly. "Leila wants to hurt you this time, Isla. It seems that the slap did exactly what it was supposed to do."

When Sheryl heard that Leila had sent people, an entire group of men, to harm Isla, she looked at her with apologetic eyes. She felt like it was her fault and couldn't speak.

Isla didn't like to see Sheryl like this. She shook her arm instead, and said, "Why do you look as if you want to apologize to me? I'm fine."

"Isla, I'm sorry. If it wasn't for me, you wouldn't have gone to Leila and confronted her." Sheryl hated herself for being helpless and incapable of protecting Isla. Without Nick and Josef today, Isla would have gotten in a lot of trouble. As Sheryl reflected on the events of today, she felt a tightness in her chest, and she found it difficult to breathe.

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