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   Chapter 1682 Stain

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Leila's words triggered Isla's anger. Just now, in front of Charles, she looked like she had been wronged. Now that Charles wasn't present, was she going to show her true self?

Thinking of that, Isla pointed at Leila and jeered, saying, "Aren't you afraid that I'll record how you're acting right now and send the video to Charles?"

"Do you really think that Charles would trust you? You're only a friend of his ex-wife, so why would he even talk to you?" Leila wore a contemptuous look on her face.

Upon hearing that, Isla couldn't help sneering to herself, and thinking, 'That's quite funny. Charles and Sheryl haven't even divorced yet. So, why is this woman so sure that they'll divorce? How can she already refer to Sheryl as Charles' ex-wife?'

The more she thought about it, the more infuriated she became. When her fury was about to burst out, she raised her hand and slapped Leila on her face.

Leila didn't expect to be struck. For a moment, she was stunned; her eyes filled with disbelief. She raised her hand to fight back, but Isla grabbed her hand.

"Do you want to try and fight back?" Isla sneered.

Leila's eyes widened in fear.

Isla knew that Leila wouldn't dare do anything to her, so she continued, "Just take a look at yourself. Even after Charles divorces Sheryl, do you really believe that he will choose to marry you?"

"How do you know he wouldn't want to marry me?" Leila shot back.

She could feel her face burning. Even as she spoke, she could feel the pain. Leila knew she couldn't win against this woman in a physical fight. The only way to fight back was through words.

"I can say for sure that he wouldn't!" Isla's eyes were brimming with contempt. She even leaned forward to put her face in Leila's as she said that.

Isla's sudden action pressured Leila, making it hard for her to breathe. Leila wanted to get rid of Isla, but Isla tightened her grip on Leila's wrist, and she pressed even closer to her.

. They matched each other in terms of social status, capabilities, personalities, and even appearance. It was shocking that they were going to have a divorce.

"Do you think that Sher really wants the divorce? If not for F-"

"All right, Isla. It's because of Leila!" When Isla was about to say Ferry's name, Sheryl cut her off.

After making sure that Isla shut her mouth, Sheryl continued to explain things to Cassie, "I don't want any strain between me and Charles. That's why I want the divorce. Don't worry, though. I'm fine!"

Isla realized that Sheryl didn't want anyone to know that she was being threatened by Ferry.

She felt that Sheryl shouldn't have to bear all that heartache on her own. If Charles did love Sheryl, why couldn't he protect her?

At that thought, Isla furrowed her eyebrows as she said, "Cassie, when are you meeting with Nick?"

After taking a look at her watch, Cassie suddenly sprang up.

"Oh no! I'm going to be late! I forgot the time, and I have to go now!" Cassie exclaimed in a hurry.

Sheryl and Isla nodded, signaling to her that they understood that she had to leave.

Cassie then rushed out of the cafe.

Now that there were only two of them, Isla gazed at Sheryl and spoke in a serious tone, saying, "I think you should tell Charles the truth."

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