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   Chapter 1681 Why Can't I Be Here

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"Oh, yes?" Isla glared at Melissa before she turned to Charles. "Charles, did you beat Sheryl up because she said she wanted to divorce you?"

Isla had no interest in talking with Melissa at all. All she wanted to know was the reason for Charles's actions toward Sheryl.

Of all people, Isla knew Sheryl the best. She knew how badly Sheryl wanted to be with Charles. If it weren't for Ferry's threat and Leila and Melissa's instigation, Sheryl wouldn't have ended up in such a situation.

What about Charles, though? Isla had no idea what Charles was thinking. Sheryl was forced to do things against her own will, but was there anyone that was forcing Charles to behave that way as well?

Luckily, Isla had cursed at Leila and forced her to leave the room. Things would never become clearer, otherwise.

For a long while, Isla just gazed at Charles, waiting for an answer, but Charles just kept his head low and didn't say anything.

Isla couldn't see Charles's expression either, but she decided not to wait any longer. She said coldly, "What's wrong? Are you speechless? Were you thinking that no one would protect Sheryl? Was that why you bullied her like that?"

"Enough of this, Isla! This is between me and Sheryl. Don't try to meddle in things!" Charles exclaimed, his brows furrowed as he raised his head up to look at her.

He wasn't actually venting his anger at Isla; it was just that he already had enough things to worry about, and he was in no mood to explain everything to her.

"Well, Charles, I shouldn't have trusted you. Rest assured that Sheryl won't be coming back to you again. You better divorce Sheryl as soon as possible, so that she can have a chance to pursue her true love."

Angered by Charles's attitude, she blurted these words out without giving it a second thought. After she said it, she turned and left the room.

Lying on the bed, Charles fell into deep thought.

At that moment, Charles was engulfed by both sorrow and fury at the same time.

'Sheryl, it seems that you're dying to divorce me because of Lewis, ' he thought to himself.

He had his suspicions as to what was going on, but he could be certain that it was the truth that she loved someone else at this point.

"Charles, are you all right? Don't be influe

all right, Leila. Why are you crying now? If you feel sad, that will make Isla even happier. She came here just to deride us. Let's not be affected by her words." Melissa eyed Leila with much care and concern.

Leila seemed to take Melissa's words to heart, then. Wiping her tears away, Leila nodded and said, "Right. Aunt Melissa, thank you so much. I won't be influenced by that woman's words anymore."

"Okay, okay. Go back to the Dream Garden now and have Nancy clear things up there. I'll be discharged tomorrow!"

Melissa thought that Charles wouldn't want to see Leila right then. There was nothing much Leila could do there, so she asked Leila to go back to the Dream Garden.

"Okay, Aunt Melissa, I'll go now." Leila helped Melissa back to the bed before she took her leave.

The moment she stepped out of the hospital, she saw Isla talking to a nurse at the main gate. Clenching her fists, she strode towards her.

"Isla, Leila is coming!" Cassie raised her head and noticed that Leila was walking towards them, so she grabbed Isla's arm to get her attention.

Isla turned around with an angry look on her face.

"How dare you show your face here again?!" Before Leila reached her, Isla walked up to confront Leila herself.

Initially, Leila was wearing a proud look, but when Isla strode towards her with a grim face, she suddenly winced in response.

Taking a deep breath, Leila mustered up all her composure and exclaimed, "Is this hospital your home? If it's not, why can't I be here?"

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