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   Chapter 1680 Who Did This

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"Is it because of Josef?" Isla suddenly became very anxious, worrying that Josef, Aron's cousin, was mistreating Phoebe. If that was the case, Sheryl wouldn't forgive Isla for introducing Josef to Phoebe. Of course, Isla wouldn't let Josef off the hook that easily.

"President Zhao, I'm fine. It's because of President Xia…" Phoebe answered as she pointed her finger towards Sheryl's office.

"What's wrong with Sher?" Isla narrowed her eyes and asked, her face had become concerned.

Phoebe bit her lips, hesitating. After a long moment of silence, Phoebe still hadn't spoken, only increasing Isla's anxiety.

"I'm going to ask her myself!" Isla pushed the door open and walked into Sheryl's office.

The moment Isla opened the door, she saw what Phoebe was referring to.

Sheryl had thought it was Phoebe, so she was surprised when she lifted her head and saw Isla.

Isla glared at Sheryl, making Sheryl a little bit uncomfortable. Suddenly, something occurred to Sheryl. She raised her hand in an attempt to cover the bruise on her face.

"Put your hand down. I've already seen it. I'm not blind." Isla rolled her eyes at Sheryl.

Sheryl was embarrassed. She held her hand in the air, not knowing what to do. Isla stared at her red and swollen face, and asked nervously, "Can you tell me what happened?" Isla looked into Sheryl's eyes. Sheryl knew that look, Isla was being very serious, and Sheryl couldn't lie to her.

With her mind being muddled, Isla was furious. All she wanted to know was who did this to Sheryl.

Sheryl put down her hand and walked towards Isla. She smiled, trying to lighten the mood. "It's nothing. It was an accident..."

"An accident? Someone slapped you by accident?" Isla knew that Sheryl was lying to her. She was angry and sad at the same time. On the one hand, she was pissed that Sheryl was hurt. On the other, she treated Sheryl as her best friend, and friends were supposed to support and help each other when they were in trouble. Sheryl lying to her, in Isla's eyes, meant that Sheryl didn't see Isla as her friend, so Isla snapped at Sheryl.

Sheryl could tell Isla was angry. Biting her lips, Sheryl remained silent and just looked at Isla.

When Sheryl didn't say anyt

scolded her at the hospital last time. She was annoyed to see Isla suddenly show up here and shout at her son. She couldn't help herself. She had to defend Charles.

Isla turned at the sound of Melissa's voice. She looked Melissa over from head to toe. She smiled coldly and sneered, "Your son and your daughter-in-law are fighting. What are you doing? You're not even helping them; instead, you're just making it worse for them. What kind of mom are you?"

"You can't talk to her like that! This is about the Lu family. It's none of your business!" Leila chimed in.

"None of your business?!"

Isla was already very furious. The last thing she needed was to deal with Leila, who was getting on her nerves, and Leila's high pitched voice just made it worse. Isla didn't hesitate to fight back.

"Leila, I can't believe how much you know about this family. What exactly are you doing here? How are you related to this family again? You're not even a mistress. Is this even any of your business?" Isla sneered at Leila.

Leila was at a loss for words. She couldn't defend herself because what Isla said was true and it hurt. She covered her mouth with her hand and ran out of the ward in tears.

This angered Melissa.

"And you? Who the hell are you? My son is leaving Sheryl, and no one can do anything about it. You'd better ask that friend of yours to give up custody of the children, or we'll crush her in court." As Melissa spoke, she angrily pointed her finger at Isla.

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