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   Chapter 1677 There Was No Way Out

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As soon as Leila arrived at the hospital, she went straight to Charles' ward.

"Charles, Nancy got up very early and put lots of effort into preparing this. Would you please try some?" Leila looked at Charles lovingly. She had been afraid that Charles would give her the cold shoulder, so she had decided to mention Nancy.

Charles looked at the plates in Leila's hands. It looked appetizing, and he could tell it was indeed cooked by Nancy. But he really didn't have any appetite.

Charles was up all night thinking about Sheryl, her affair with Lewis, and why she would hurt Melissa. The more he thought about it, the more frustrated he became. Tossing and turning, it had been a restless night. When he got up this morning, he'd lost all his appetite.

"I'm not hungry. Just put them down." Furrowing his brows, Charles looked at Leila apprehensively.

Scared by Charles' sharp gaze, Leila followed him and put down the dish on the table. Lowering her head, she was like a child who had done something wrong, afraid that her parents would punish her, which irritated Charles even more.

Pointing his finger at the door, Charles said coldly, "Can you leave me alone?"

Leila was smart enough to read between the lines. Charles was asking her to leave. But all she wanted was to stay with him. Thinking fast of an excuse, she replied, "Aunt Melissa is awake too. Do you want to pay her a visit? I can walk you there."

It didn't matter if Charles was cold to her. As long as she could stay beside him, Leila was satisfied.

Charles squinted. Thinking about Leila's offer for a while and Melissa's condition, he then nodded in agreement.

Leila's anxiety and worry were replaced by a smile. She burst into laughter and smiled at Charles.

As Charles was getting out of his bed, Leila was supposed to support him. But then she slipped and almost fell onto the ground.

Out of instinct, Charles grabbed her arm immediately. Losing her balance, Leila fell into Charles' arms.

Unluckily, Sheryl had just arrived in the ward to visit Charles. Cracking the door open, the view of Leila in Charles' arms welcomed her, and Charles didn't seem to refuse it. He was holding Leila.

Sheryl had wracked

he didn't say anything like that. Instead, he implicitly blamed Sheryl for cheating on him, letting her down.

Sheryl now realized that she wasn't the only one who wanted a divorce.

Suddenly, she felt that she had figured everything out. Holding back the tears that were now filling her eyes, she managed to smile at Charles. She just stared at him, speechlessly.

Charles stared back, both angry and frustrated at the same time.

He wanted to ask Sheryl to stay. But when he thought about those pictures and videos and the snarky comments online, he couldn't control himself and snapped at Sheryl. In his eyes, the reason why Sheryl wanted a divorce so badly was that she wanted to be with Lewis.

The ward fell into a deathly silence, and it became awkward. The three of them stood in a triangle, looking at each other, and yet no one was saying anything.

After a few moments, Sheryl took a deep breath before she opened her mouth and said the cruelest thing ever to Charles, "Charles, if you don't want a divorce, then fine. But I can't guarantee you what I will do to your Mom in the future. Maybe I will push her to the ground again, and abuse her until you agree to divorce me. Is that what you want?"

Sheryl knew that she needed to say something to get on Charles' nerve so that she could force him to sign the divorce agreement.

Right now, this was the only way Sheryl could think of.

She needed to get on Charles' nerve, giving him no way out.

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