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   Chapter 1676 Threatening Holley

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Leila would never let Shining Company become bankrupt. If something went wrong with the company, a lot of people would suffer, not only Charles.

If Charles had nothing, how could she become the wife of Shining Company's president? While thinking, Leila sneered aloud, "Holley, do you think I can be cheated easily? You don't intend to only cause some trouble but plan to completely ruin Shining Company. Do you think I am foolish?"

Leila didn't want to pretend in front of Holley anymore. Since Holley had made her plans clear, playing ignorant would make Leila appear brainless.

Hearing Leila's words, panic reflected in Holley's eyes. She avoided Leila's gaze for a short while. When she found her composure, she finally faced Leila. "Do you know the saying: leave no room for escape, so that the soldiers will fight for their lives out of desperation, and eventually win the battle?"

After Leila heard that, sarcasm showed in her eyes.

Just now, Holley's panic had betrayed her, so Leila knew that her guess was right. The person behind Holley planned to destroy the Shining Company. But who was this person?

Leila rolled her eyes as if she had thought of something. Smiling, she commented, "There's no need to hide anything from me. Just tell me what the person behind you wants you to do. Anyway, as long as I can get what I want, I don't really care if the Shining Company exists. It has nothing to do with me. But I don't want to be left in the dark."

Leila's statement caught Holley's attention.

They stared at each other as if reading each other's minds. They stayed that way while analyzing their own plans. After a while, Holley couldn't control herself anymore, so she said in a lower voice, "I can tell you the truth, but you need to make sure to cooperate with me."

Looking at Holley's determined expression, Leila nodded, assuring her, "If you tell me the truth, I will cooperate with you. Anyway, you know what I want. As long as you don't undermine my interests, I can discuss anything with you."

"Okay. I'll tell yo

ney now, and I will get to work right away."

Eagerness burned on Leila's eyes. Pretending that she was only interested in money, Leila convinced Holley that she was hooked.

Looking back at Leila, Holley took out her cell phone with some hesitation. After quite a while, she transferred the money straight to Leila's account.

"Okay. Wait for my good news." Afterwards, Leila got out of the car.

Lost in thought, Holley didn't drive away.

She felt sad that Leila had gotten so much money, so easily, while she had worked so hard, for so long to even save that much.

But Holley knew that she had to do it. Ferry kept pushing her, and if she didn't do anything, he might go to Jordan. Then she would probably lose her only backup.

Holley had no choice but to give in.

Moreover, Leila had almost exposed her this time, and there was nothing that Holley could do to silence her, aside from giving her the money.

After calming herself down, Holley called Jordan. She knew that she had to get something from this man, something to make her feel better.

When Leila returned to Dream Garden, Nancy had already finished packing the lunchboxes. She then took the food back to the hospital.

At the same time, Sheryl also prepared to go to the hospital.

Since she still had to send the kids to school in the morning, Sheryl arrived later than Leila.

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