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   Chapter 1675 Their Plan Changed

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Although Charles didn't personally see Sheryl push Melissa onto the ground, he knew that his mom wouldn't blame Sheryl for something that she didn't do. Thinking about this, Charles got more irritated.

But because of Nancy, Charles tried to control his temper and calm himself down. After he finished dinner, Nancy left.

Leila didn't leave with Nancy. Instead, she stayed in the ward with Melissa, discussing their next move for tomorrow.

"Aunt Melissa, we need to gang up on Sheryl. As long as we keep complaining about Sheryl in front of Charles for the next few days, I am sure Charles will divorce from Sheryl. It is just a matter of time." Leila wanted to strike while the iron was hot.

Melissa nodded her head in agreement. "But we need to be careful about this. We can't do this if Sheryl isn't here, because it will only annoy Charles."

Charles was Melissa's son and she knew him well. Their plan would only backfire if they complained about Sheryl without any valid evidence.

"Uh-huh, I got it. Well, we'll just play it by ear tomorrow." Thinking about Melissa's words, Leila realized that she was right. They'd cope better with shifting events by sticking to a fundamental principle.

After Melissa fell asleep, Leila went to Charles' ward.

Leila walked in to find David also inside with Charles. Feeling a little embarrassed, she said, "Sorry for interrupting you guys. I will wait outside."

"Anything wrong?" Charles asked Leila.

"Nothing, I just want to stop by and tell you that Aunt Melissa has already fallen asleep. If everything is okay with you, I will go back to the Dream Garden," smiling, Leila answered Charles' question.

"You can leave now. Everything is fine here," Charles said indifferently, waving his hands to ask Leila to leave.

Leila nodded at Charles, then closed the door.

When Leila had left, Charles noticed the disappointment and annoyance on David's face.

"Is Leila that annoying?" Charles asked, his eyes focusing on David.

Hearing Charles' question, David turned around to look at him. Seeing how Charles furrowed his brows, David was hesitant to reply. But Charles was staring at him, waiting for his answer. So he opened his mouth and answered, "Yes, she is."

"How's she doing at the company?" Charles didn't have too much faith in Leila. Even though Leila really cared about Melissa, it didn't mean that she could make up for what she had done in the past. And Charles would never forget about the troubles Leila had caused him.

ing you," Holley reminded Leila condescendingly.

Holley had just gotten the call from Ferry before she drove to the Dream Garden, so she was extremely annoyed and impatient. She didn't bother to explain to Leila.

Leila ended up more confused. She wanted to press Holley to get an answer. But then, she realized that she still needed Holley's help, and she couldn't afford to lose her. Donning a smile, she commented, "I know. I know I can't go back to the Shining Company without your help. So, I will do whatever you ask me to do."

Leila knew that as long as she sucked up to Holley, Holley would be more than glad to help her. It was more like reaping without sowing. Therefore, Leila was very generous when she complimented Holley.

Satisfied, Holley nodded before reminding Leila, "Remember to change the bid price, so that the Shining Company will lose this project forever."

Leila was about to say yes. But then, something occurred to her.

'How can I take back the project if I lose this project forever? Besides, almost every project in the Shining Company is related to each other. If the company loses this project, it will end up facing a big challenge.' Leila was dumbfounded.

Initially, Leila and Holley made a deal that they would take over the project, and then Leila would help Charles take it back, so Leila could win back Charles' heart and change his opinion towards her.

But as she pondered on Holley's plans, somehow Leila had the feeling, that Holley aimed not just to have the Shining Company lose a project. Leila always knew that Holley had her own plans. But it never occurred to her that it was to destroy the Shining Company.

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