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   Chapter 1674 Sheryl Had No Choice

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"Sher, we've already patched things up, so we came to visit you." Cassie was in Nick's arms, like a little woman.

Sheryl was amused with them. It was true that a couple might quarrel, but they would soon make up.

"Come in." Sheryl invited them into her home. "Would you care for some juice?" she asked, leading them to the living room.

"Don't bother, Sher. We're fine. We just came by to see Clark and Shirley. Haven't they come back yet?" Cassie asked, not finding the kids when she looked around the room.

"They should be back any moment now. Joan went to pick them up." Afterwards, Sheryl smiled and gestured for them to drink some water.

They chatted for a while, and soon after, Joan came home with the kids.

"Sher, why don't you go and get some rest. We will play with the kids." Cassie and Nick decided to take the kids to their bedroom.

"Auntie Cassie, Uncle Nick, long time no see. I miss you." Feeling excited, Shirley led the way, each of her hands holding one of theirs.

Clark followed them and also entered the bedroom.

Following them with her eyes, Sheryl smiled with satisfaction.

With the kids around her, Sheryl thought everything was worthwhile.

Nick and Cassie stayed until the kids had prepared to go to bed.

Sheryl walked them down the stairs afterwards. When Nick went to the garage to get the car, Cassie was left with her. "Sher, both Nick and I hope that you can live a good life," she said, holding her hand. "So no matter what happens, never think that you're alone. You have us."

Cassie was sincerely worried about Sheryl. In the coffee shop earlier today, Nick had told her everything about Sheryl's dilemma.

At that time, Cassie had thought that if she was Sheryl, she would feel extremely sad. Putting herself in Sheryl's shoes, she knew that she couldn't endure it as Sheryl did.

So Cassie had accompanied Nick to check on Sheryl. Although Sheryl always tried intentionally to hide her sorrow, some things just couldn't be concealed. Cassie could see that she was unhappy.

"Don't worry. I am fine. Leila just wants to ruin

g that time, Sheryl was not the only one who felt sleepless. Charles had been in bed for some time now, but was also unable to fall asleep.

At night, Leila stayed with Melissa in the ward next door, while Charles was left alone in his room. When Nancy brought him food, he asked, "Does Sher get along well with my mother?" Pretending to talk casually, Charles started eating as he didn't want Nancy to worry.

Charles' question caught Nancy off guard. She scratched her head, hesitant to answer. "Still the same. You know Lady Melissa had some conflicts with Sheryl from the beginning. Now Sheryl has moved out, and they hardly meet each other, except when they are visiting you in the hospital, so they must be able to get along well."

Nancy didn't want Charles to know that Sheryl had suffered injustice many times from Melissa, and she didn't plan to talk about others behind their backs. As a servant, she was aware of where she should stand. Even though she had heard that Melissa and Leila had planned to frame Sheryl, she couldn't tell anybody else, because if she said that, she might create a rift between the two sides. Charles had to carefully observe and find it out for himself.

"Hmm, that's great." Charles nodded, as if lost in thought.

Even though the private detective had given him all the information, he wasn't quite convinced that Sheryl would do harm to Melissa.

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