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   Chapter 1673 Sheryl Got Framed

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Listening to Sheryl's story, Nick decided not to tell Charles what Leila had done. But you gave Leila an inch, and she would take a mile. Leila was the one who had made a mistake. And yet, she acted like she was the one who had suffered, complaining about Sheryl in front of Charles, and irritating Nick. 'What's wrong with people nowadays?' Nick thought to himself.

Seeing Nick's disappointment, Sheryl grabbed his arms. Shaking her head, she sighed in frustration. "Do you think it will help if I tell Charles the truth?"

However, Sheryl understood that telling Charles the truth right now would do her no good. What was worse, Leila might take advantage of this, claiming that Sheryl was just putting the blame on the victim.

Back in the ward just now, Sheryl had realized that Charles didn't trust her anymore. And she dared not to take the risk. She was afraid that Charles wouldn't believe her, and being suspected again was the last thing she wanted to experience.

"So you just let Leila do whatever she wants? Although Charles is a little suspicious about you, that doesn't mean that he wouldn't believe you about other things. As long as you tell him the truth, and let him know what Leila has done, you can win back his trust!" Nick understood what Sheryl meant, but seeing Leila get the upper hand was annoying.

Listening to Nick's advice, Sheryl felt much better.

Nick was right. The reason why Charles was suspicious of her was because all the evidence was against her. But if Charles found out what Leila had done, he could see her true colors and would reconsider whether Leila was trustworthy and re-evaluate her words.

Sheryl smiled. It seemed that she could make a breakthrough in her deadlock. But then, she thought about Ferry.

Even if Sheryl could debunk Leila and makeup with Charles, so what? As long as Ferry was still out there to threaten her, Sheryl's problems would never end. It was a vicious circle.

If Ferry sent those pictures to Charles, no matter how much Charles trusted Sheryl, there would be a wedge between them. Things would never be the same once Charles saw those pictures, and they could never go back to those good old days.

So, why didn't they

f money?

Suddenly, Cassie felt sorry for Jordan. When she bumped into them in the hospital last time, Cassie wouldn't believe that Jordan would be with this woman because of money, if it wasn't Cora who told her. And what happened today convinced Cassie that it was true.

"Alright, let's go." Nick's voice interrupted Cassie's thoughts. "Jordan made his own choice. We need to respect that." Seeing through Cassie, all Nick could do was comfort her.

"Uh-huh." Speechless, Cassie nodded.

Nick put his hand around Cassie's waist and the two of them walked away. They didn't see Jordan hiding around a corner, glaring at their backs, his eyes filled with fire.

'Why should I be at this woman's disposal, while you two get to enjoy your happy and sweet life?' Jordan thought that it was too unfair.

"Why are you still standing there? Are you trying to make me drive?" Annie yelled at Jordan angrily, finding that he was still standing around when she turned to him.

"Coming," Jordan answered immediately, beaming a smile at Annie.

Jordan and Annie then drove away.

Nick and Cassie didn't go back home. Instead, they decided to pay Sheryl a visit.

Sheryl had just got home. So she was confused when she heard someone was at her door. 'It isn't time for Joan and the kids to come home yet. Who could it be?' Sheryl wondered.

Without thinking too much, Sheryl opened the door.

To her surprise, she found Nick and Cassie standing at her doorstep.

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