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   Chapter 1672 What Is Your Next Move

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Seeing the wicked smile in Leila's face, Melissa shot her a confused look and asked, "What is your next move?"

"Aunt Melissa, do you still remember the private detective that Charles contacted in the past?" Leaning close to Melissa, Leila whispered in her ear.

Leila paused, gazing at Melissa with a smirk on her face. She expected Melissa would be smart enough to get her point. However, Melissa just stared back at her, utterly clueless. Though she nodded her head like she knew what was going on, Leila could read nothing but confusion from her expression.

Eagerness to know the whole story made Melissa anxious. Half a minute later, Leila gave up keeping Melissa in suspense. With a smile, she continued, "Yesterday, I got a chance to peep into Charles' phone. I found there was a call log. It showed Charles had called the private detective! I quickly had a notion that he must have doubted Sheryl, so he must have asked that guy to dig into Sheryl's private life. And guess what? I bought off that guy!"

Staring at each other in silence, it took a while before they exchanged an evil chuckle.

"Leila, you are so brilliant! In that case, Charles has no choice but to believe us. But was the detective that easily bought?" Melissa asked. The smile on her face froze as suspicion started to take over her thoughts. She had met the guy once before, and she had formed an impression that he was not an easy man to deal with. With a frown, Melissa couldn't help but think to herself, 'What method did Leila use to handle that guy?'

"Aunt Melissa, if you want to control someone, you only need to strike on his weakness. Everyone has a weak point, and that is how we act and take them down!" Leila regarded Melissa as she explained briefly, but with much determination.

The confidence Leila displayed dispelled all the doubts on Melissa's face.

In fact, the process was far easier said than done. To buy off the private detective, Leila had invested a lot, both in money and manpower. It would be more accurate to call it coercion than a buy-off.

The guy wasn't willing to be bribed to frame Sheryl. No matter how Leila tried to make her offer look fair, he wouldn't give in.

Before Leila gave up on her plan, she made a last attempt. She thought it might be better to use a tough tactic. So, she came up with an idea to go after the detective's wife and her engagements. Luckily, when Leila's men took action, they happened to spot the target with a senior officer on their way into a hotel, their interactions rather intimate. Then the event was quickly filmed!

Looking at those perfect pictures, Leila felt that God seemed to be in her favor.

After their long conversation, Melissa still d

I will try not to make her angry." Nick nodded in agreement.

In fact, as Nick seriously recalled, the quarrel had happened because of a petty thing. They had come to a disagreement due to different opinions on which movie to see. Thinking about it now, he was even shocked by how a disagreement had escalated into a big quarrel. But to Nick's relief, he had been wise enough to apologize to Cassie the moment he realized it.

Even though Cassie had accepted Nick's apology, in the end, her mood had been completely ruined. Running out of choices, they had decided to go home.

On their way back home, Cassie had suddenly noticed that she had forgotten something at the hospital. He stopped the car halfway and dropped Cassie by a coffee shop. Then Nick offered to run the errand to the hospital. What he hadn't expected was running across the scene of Leila reproaching Sheryl.

"Sheryl, are you okay?" Though the tears had been wiped off her face, Nick could still see the sadness lingering at the corners of her eyes.

"I am fine. You don't have to worry about me." Sheryl managed a smile, hoping to dissuade Nick's worry.

But how could Nick turn a blind eye to how she looked now? He saw Sheryl as she had rushed into her car from the hospital, crying! He had never seen her this miserable before. Clearly, the great distress in her heart contributed to her hurt demeanor.

"Sheryl, your kindness will only hurt you! Let's expose what Leila has done to you to Charles! I don't know what you are waiting for," Nick advised Sheryl, feeling outraged with Leila.

He initially suggested exposing Leila's plot as soon as Charles woke up. But Sheryl stopped him. She didn't want Charles to be in a rage while he was still so weak. Now Nick regretted not doing so for Sheryl when there was a chance.

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