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   Chapter 1670 Charles Didn't Believe Her

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"What do you want to do? Drink some water, have some food or go to the bathroom?" Sheryl asked, looking at Melissa helplessly.

She knew that Melissa was picking on her, but she did not care. What Melissa had said made sense. Sheryl wouldn't retort since she was in a subordinate position.

"What's with that attitude? Is that how you should be talking to your mother-in-law?"

Melissa got angry when she saw that Sheryl didn't seem to care about her words. Pointing at Sheryl, Melissa moaned discontentedly, "What did Charles do to deserve you?"

Melissa was getting absurd. Not only was she insulting Sheryl now, but Charles too. Frowning, Sheryl glanced at her and said, "I have to go now, Melissa. Get some rest."

Reasoning with Melissa was like hitting her head against a wall, so Sheryl decided to leave instead.

"Ouch!" Sheryl heard Melissa cry out from behind after a great thud.

Turning around, she found Melissa on the floor, groaning. Startled, she ran up to help her up.

However, Melissa pushed her away.

Tears brimming her eyes and her arms shaking, Melissa cried, "You know that I'm not in good shape. Why did you push me? Do you dislike me this much?"

Hearing Melissa's words, Sheryl froze. 'When did I push her?' she thought to herself.

"You're such an evil woman! You think that you could live a harmonious and happy life with my son if you remove me from his life?"

Weeping and sobbing, Melissa looked at Sheryl like she was suffering a great injustice. Her acting skills would've won her the Oscar's!

Sheryl didn't know what to do. She stood aside and watched, wondering what Melissa was going to do next. All of a sudden, the door of the ward swung open.

Standing there were Charles and Leila, just in time to hear what Melissa had said.

"What are you doing, Sh

top slandering me. Otherwise, I'll sue you!" Sheryl said in a dismissive voice.

"Evidence? Are these injuries not evidence enough? See how badly Aunt Melissa has been hurt!" Leila yelled, pointing at Sheryl. At the same time, she cast a glance at Charles, hoping he would help by saying something.

Hearing what Leila had said, Charles raised his head to look at Melissa's injuries. Then his face turned blue.

"Sheryl, when you were initially harsh to Aunt Melissa, I endure it. But now you are even trying to kill her? I will not tolerate you anymore!" Leila said menacingly.

Sheryl was speechless. Seeing how bad the situation was, there was nothing she could do to clear her name. Helplessly, Sheryl looked at Charles for help, only to find him bowing his head. Obviously, Charles didn't believe her. If he did, he wouldn't let Leila insult her like this.

At that moment, Sheryl's heart sank. Her eyes turned red, and her heart twisted.

"Charles, do you believe me?" Turning to Charles, Sheryl tried to keep her voice calm though her heart was pounding.

She was worried that Charles might also say something to hurt her feelings. Did he not believe her?

Frowning, Charles said nothing.

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