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   Chapter 1669 Why Are You So Eager To Leave

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"Yes, I just left the company." Sheryl curved her lips into a smile, so that Charles wouldn't notice anything wrong in her expression.

"Okay, that's good. Would you like to visit Melissa? I guess she toiled herself to sickness as she had kept busy taking care of me these past several days. Now she has been put in the room next door. I guess she must already be awake now," Charles suggested. He hoped to repair the relationship between his wife and his mother. From his point of view, he couldn't ignore it anymore. If there was any chance for them to reconcile, he would seize it and try his hardest to make it happen.

"Really? Then I will come back after visiting Mom!" Sheryl was a little startled, though there was a trace of suspicion and reluctance in her eyes. She planted a kiss on Charles' forehead before she headed toward the room next door.

As Sheryl pushed the door open slightly, Melissa was holding an apple in her hand. With much expectation, she had thought that it must be Leila coming to see her again. She almost called out for Leila before realizing it wasn't her.

When Sheryl came into sight, Melissa's face turned sour sharply. The big smile she had just put on disappeared without a trace, and annoyance and displeasure took over at once.

Sheryl's mood sank as she captured the change in expression on her mother-in-law's face. Seeing Melissa's vigor and substantial appetite, she knew Melissa must be pretending to be ill again! Still, she endured it and asked, in a thoughtful tone, "Mom, how are you feeling today?"

"Why do you care? Were you hoping to see me feeling sick?" Melissa replied, with a sneer.

Sheryl was a little taken aback by Melissa's reply. Confusion filled her mind as she really had no idea where Melissa's unfriendly attitude towards her came from. Since Melissa had moved into Dream Garden, even though she was the one who was the latecomer to the house, Sheryl had never treated her as an outsider at all. She always tried to show that she had respect for her. Melissa, from what Sheryl had experienced, had never been grateful. She had never treated Sheryl like a family member. Other than that, she was even averse to her own grandchildren at times.

"Mom, can we just try to be a little civil to each other? Charles just woke up from his coma, so I don't want to upset or worry him in any way!" Sheryl said, almost in an imploring voice. She only wished for a harmonious family, so she was willing to offer peace, regardless of how Melissa had made her life miserable in the past. She wanted to settle things between them no matter what.

Melissa wavered as she stared into Sheryl's sincere eyes. Perhaps confusion made her start to reflect on herself. She wasn't lost for long, though. Quickly, she shook off her self-doubt as she envied the fact that Charles cared for Sheryl even more than Charles cared for his own mother.

"I have been too nice to you! Don't you point the finger of blame at me! Did you forget how you treated me and my family? While my son was in oblivion, you and your new boyfriend humiliated me! Should I again bring up in detail what happened?" Melissa said as her voice trembled in anger. She refused to give Sheryl a chance to settle things between them.


o bring Charles to the room. She had the feeling that Melissa must have set a trap for Sheryl to fall into there. She must want Charles to be the witness.

"You go first. I will go see her later!" Charles believed his wife and kept a wary eye on Leila. He didn't want anything to do with Leila anymore, so he tried to avoid being around her.

Charles' refusal had made his feelings clear. Leila knew she couldn't force the man to do something if he didn't want to. If she insisted, she knew it might invite his anger upon her.

"Well, I am leaving!" Leila still smiled. Before she turned and got ready to leave, Charles changed his mind.

"Wait!" Charles called out to stop her.

Leila was so happy to hear Charles call out her name. Her lips curved into a smile as she stood there, wondering what he wanted. She immediately turned back to Charles, with her eyes full of expectation.

Charles dreaded that Leila might start a fight with Sheryl like she used to do. He felt like he needed to personally go to Melissa's ward with her to protect Sheryl.

"Can you help me walk to the ward?" Charles asked, though his voice was still in a cold tone.

"Of course!" Leila replied, without delay. She couldn't help but feel more excited when she heard that request. She swiftly walked over to Charles. Gently putting his arm around her neck, she slowly helped him to sit up, and then helped him put his feet on the ground to stand up.

"Be careful. You don't have to be hasty. Are you okay without a wheelchair?" Leila looked at Charles in concern. She tried to make him feel more comfortable.

"No need. I'm really just fine!" Charles raised his hand, signaling her that he didn't want to use a wheelchair.

He knew that his body was recovering. Though the process had been slow, and even a little painful, he could bear with it.

Sheryl prepared the hot water for Melissa, then she was about to leave.

"Why are you so eager to leave? Are you not happy taking care of me? I am your mother-in-law, and now I am sick, so it's your duty to look after me!" Melissa wanted to stop Sheryl from leaving, as her plan hadn't even started to be put into action yet.

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