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   Chapter 1666 Looked Before He Leaped

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"Wh… what are you talking about? Murder? What do you mean?!" Holley didn't expect Ferry would ask this. She was very nervous, but she tried her best to remain calm and not give herself away.

Holley knew that if Ferry ever found out that she had asked Tom to kill Ferry, she would be screwed.

Ferry shook his head when he saw the anxiety and horror on Holley's face. 'She doesn't have the guts to do that, ' he thought to himself.

"I'll give you ten days. If I don't see you doing anything, Jordan's going to be the one to suffer!" Ferry hung up on Holley.

Hearing the busy tone on the other end of the phone, Holley was riled up. Ferry had ruined her day.

This was an ultimatum from Ferry. Even if Holley couldn't take down the Shining Company, she had to steal some confidential files for Ferry. Otherwise, she couldn't even begin to imagine what would happen to her.

Holley still stood immobile on the balcony, lost in thought.

Jordan was confused. Instead of again walking to the balcony, he called Holley's name this time.

"Ah, what?"

Holley finally answered Jordan. He had already lost track of how many times he had called her.

"Holley, why are you standing there like that? What did your uncle say?" Jordan asked in confusion.

"Nothing, it's just about his family." Holley walked to Jordan as she answered him.

Holley kissed Jordan on the lips so he wouldn't ask more questions.

And it worked. Jordan was turned on and he totally forgot about the call.

Jordan fell asleep after they had intercourse. Holley, however, was too worried to fall asleep, so she decided to get up and take a shower. She then left the house.

She wanted to go outside to take in some fresh air and clear her mind. It was better than lying in bed and doing nothing.

Holley decided to call Leila.

However, the phone just rang and rang. Leila didn't pick up Holley's call, which just put Leila in a worse mood.

To make things worse, just a few minutes after she left, Jordan woke up and called her, asking her where she had gone. He was starting to get suspicious about Holley.


didn't find out anything. She tried to sneak a peek through the door and realized that Charles wasn't looking good.

Leila wasn't able to figure out who it was that Charles was talking to, or what they were talking about.

"Charles, how are you doing?" After Charles had hung up, Leila pushed the door open and walked in. She put a smile on her face.

Hearing Leila, Charles lifted his head and looked at her. He furrowed his brows, not saying anything.

This made Leila feel a bit embarrassed.

"I'm going to ask Nancy to prepare some meals for Aunt Melissa. What do you want to eat, Charles? I can tell Nancy," Leila said, breaking the silence.

"Whatever's fine," he answered indifferently.

Charles wasn't really talkative when he was with Leila, and this made Leila feel awkward. She needed to come up with a new subject fast.

"Okay, I should go back to the Dream Garden now." Leila looked at Charles in disappointment.

Just as Leila was about to leave the ward, Charles called her name.

"I may have agreed to let you go back to the company, but that doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want. Stop whatever nonsense you're planning. Don't think you can get away with anything just because you have some friends in high places," Charles said coldly, lowering his voice.

Charles's words sent a shiver down Leila's spine. She was frozen in place, uncertain what to do.

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