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   Chapter 1664 A Flash Disk

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A trace of apprehension crossed his eyes as Charles thought back on what Leila had told him. While he was in a coma, the affair between Sheryl and Lewis seemed to have caused a big commotion across the city.

David's hesitation in answering his questions made Charles more convinced about his own suspicions.

"Mr. Lu, Mrs. Xia, has been intimately in touch with Mr. Xu. But, I believe it's all business-related. Besides, it's rumored that Mr. Xu once came to the hospital where you had stayed. He and Mrs. Xia quarreled with Madam, and even pushed Madam to the ground. Although it is all gossip from the Internet, which hasn't been confirmed yet!" David told his boss everything that he had heard about the incident.

When David had finished, Charles sank into silence.

Sheryl's affairs with Lewis didn't bother Charles very much, as he already had a general knowledge about it. However, Sheryl had kept the conflict that she had between Melissa and Lewis from him. It seemed that Sheryl was hiding something from her husband.

The trust that they had between each other had now been shattered. He began to doubt in his wife again, especially her affair with Lewis.

Holding on to his phone, David was at a loss of what to say. He asked tentatively, "Mr. Lu, is there anything else that you would like to know?"

"No, thanks, David. We're done here!" Charles thought for a moment and replied in a sedate tone. Then he hung up the phone.

While deep in contemplation, Sheryl strode along the passage. With her head raised, she suddenly realized that she had reached Charles' ward. Before she went in, she composed herself by taking in a deep breath. She tried to clear her mind from everything that had just happened.

However, what Sheryl hadn't noticed, was that someone had secretly videoed the scene of her meeting up with Ferry.

As soon as she entered the ward, she put on a sweet smile and greeted Charles at once, "How are you feeling? Better?"

"Yes, much better," Charles replied without looking at her. He put his phone down and turned to the other side.

His unusual behavior caught Sheryl's attention. Suspicion immediately entered her head. 'Why is he acting like that? What's wrong with him?'

"Are you hungry? Do you want to eat something? I can get something for you," Sheryl asked as she maintained her sweet smile. She tried to dispel her doubt and dissuade herself from that idea.

"No, I'm not hungry at all!" Charles replied, nonchalantly with his mind absent.

Sheryl was beginning to get peeved off with the

es slumped his shoulders and dropped his head. His face looked even gloomier than before.

"Why did you ask me that?"

Sheryl asked him again. She regarded him closely, trying to read what was on his mind.

"As I said, it's nothing! I'm just curious,"

Charles repeated, still in a low voice.

"All right then, I am heading out now." Sheryl didn't know what more to say. She felt tired and needed to get out for some fresh air.

She was sure now that Leila must have told Charles something. She was going to ask Charles about it but swallowed the idea in the end.

When she thought about it again, Sheryl decided that she shouldn't talk too much about it, especially since she was trying to avoid talking about the quarrel with Melissa.

Eventually, she told herself not to overthink. She avoided having an open talk with Charles by leaving the ward.

As he sat alone in the ward, Charles sank into deep thought again. He was frowning profoundly, and his face was solemn.

Meanwhile, at the side door of the hospital

After the meeting with Sheryl, Ferry didn't immediately leave the hospital. Instead, he stood at the side door, waiting for a moment. A shadowy figure soon approached him. With a knowing nod, the figure then handed a paper bag to Ferry. Then they left as briskly as they came.

Ferry quickly turned on his heels and went straight home.

As soon as he arrived home, he opened the bag. Inside was a flash disk, and when he saw it, it brought a big smile to his face. Ferry was indeed thrilled to finally get what he had been waiting for.

Without wasting a second, Ferry eagerly inserted the disk into the computer. He found that there was a video stored on it.

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