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   Chapter 1663 The Only Way Out

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In front of Sheryl and Phoebe was a picture of Sheryl and Lewis hugging. People who didn't know the story behind the image might have easily believed that there was something between the two.

"Sheryl," Phoebe asked. "Is there something going on between you and Lewis?" Phoebe had been working for Sheryl for many years and knew the woman quite well. She knew that Sheryl wouldn't treat a person she didn't like a lot in such a friendly and familiar manner. Other than Charles, Lewis was the first and only man to be in such seemingly intimate interaction with Sheryl.

"Calm down," said Sheryl. She cast Phoebe a mischievous look. "If I had a boyfriend, I'd tell you." Then, trying her best to look unbothered, Sheryl walked away with the picture.

Phoebe breathed a sigh of relief when she saw that the picture hadn't affected Sheryl's demeanor at all.

'Somebody must have been playing a prank! A mere prank wouldn't anger Sheryl, ' she thought.

After walking out of the company building, Sheryl sat quietly in her car. She stared at the picture, puzzled. She couldn't figure out who could have maliciously taken the picture.

If it had been Leila, she would have shown it to Charles by now. However, Charles had not yet seen the picture. That was enough proof that the mystery photographer wasn't Leila or someone working for her. Who could it have been?

After thinking for quite a while, Sheryl was exhausted. She finally gave up and drove to the hospital.

The drive was pleasant. Traffic was light, and Sheryl arrived at the hospital earlier than she had expected, which improved her mood a little. Immediately, she was also able to find a parking space. Sheryl was on her way to the gate when someone stopped her in her tracks.

She almost lost her balance since she had her head down while she walked. When she finally stopped, she raised her head to see who it was. Ferry was standing a few feet away from her, his disgusting face easily recognizable.

"What do you want?" Sheryl snapped at him.

"Be careful, Sheryl. Do you really think that I wouldn't hurt you? It's true. I adore you. And I intend to be with you, but it wouldn't bother me if you came to me with a few injuries on you," Ferry said coolly. He then smirked at Sheryl.

His elation bore a striking contrast to Sheryl's anger.

"It seems that you're not going to divorce Charles after all," Ferry remarked. The smile that had been plastered on his face just mome

her way to Charles' room and scanned her immediate surroundings. She couldn't find anyone or anything suspicious.

Charles was on the phone with his assistant David.

"How's the business doing?" Charles asked.

David had been thrilled when he found out that Charles had finally woken up. He had wanted to drop by, but Charles hadn't allowed him to.

"Rest assured, Mr. Lu, that everything's going well, but..." David suddenly stopped talking. He was thinking about everything Leila had done and how she had been acting, but he was on the fence about telling Charles.

It was his duty to tell Charles everything about Leila working at Shining Company, but Charles had just woken up. David didn't want to stress him out any further. He wondered if he should tell Charles the truth.

Even though Leila had gotten Charles' approval to work in the company, how she had behaved while Charles was in a coma was intolerable. David had seen everything she had done, but he hadn't interfered, for Melissa's sake.

"What is it?" Charles asked when he noticed David's hesitation.

"Mr. Lu, I'm afraid Leila displeased a lot of people in the Secretary Department. Everybody dislikes her," David said at last.

"Okay. I got it. I'll take care of that. Other than that, there's one more thing I want to know," Charles said, lowering his voice. "How's Sheryl?"

David hadn't expected that Charles would be asking about Sheryl. He was caught off guard and was rendered speechless by the question.

"Tell me. Has something happened?" Charles spoke coldly.

Noticing David's uncertainty, Charles could tell that something wasn't right.

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