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   Chapter 1662 Stalking

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Charles answered all of Leila's questions. Then he squinted and asked anxiously, "What happened? Why is my mom in such poor health?"

The doctor had just stopped by to tell him that Melissa's health had only gotten worse.

Charles wondered what had happened during his coma. He wanted to know what had caused this.

Leila looked at Charles in embarrassment. She opened her mouth a few times, but nothing came out.

Seeing Leila's hesitance, Charles sensed that she knew something. He furrowed his brows and asked, "Leila, tell me what happened."

Charles glared at Leila. He didn't bother to hide how angry and annoyed he was.

"Charles, Aunt Melissa has been draining herself recently, and she's been worrying a lot too. That's why she gets sick a lot. She even fainted a few days ago, but she wouldn't let me tell you because she didn't want you to worry. I didn't want to call for a doctor either, because I don't want Aunt Melissa to get any bad news, in case she is really sick or something. Have you called the doctor? What did the doctor say?" Leila averted her eyes from Charles' gaze as she spoke. When she accidentally caught Charles' eye once, she immediately looked away.

"The same thing you told me. I want to know how this happened." Charles glared at Leila.

Leila bit her lip and continued, "It's because of Sheryl."

"What do you mean?" Upon hearing his wife's name, he narrowed his eyes and pressed Leila for more information.

Leila felt nervous and uncomfortable as Charles glared at her. She tried her best to keep calm. She gathered all of her courage, looked at Charles and said firmly, "When you were still in a coma, Sheryl treated Aunt Melissa so badly. And Sheryl was very close with Lewis back then. Sheryl and Lewis often saw each other in the hospital, and it goaded Aunt Melissa. So she dealt with a lot, and she was worrying a lot too."

Leila saw Charles had lower his head. It seemed as if he was lost in thought.

She told Charles everything about Sheryl and Lewis. Of course, not all of this was true. Leila was exaggerating her stories.

The more Charles listened to Leila, the more gloomy his face became. When Leila had finally finished speaking, Charles lifted his head

een done can't be undone. Besides, we don't have any evidence against Leila, do we?" Sheryl shrugged at Isla.

Sheryl was right. Even though Charles found out about Leila, the most he could do was kick Leila out of the Lu family and well, that wouldn't really help anything.

"Fine, you have a point." Isla rolled her eyes at Sheryl.

Sheryl knew that Isla was worried about her, so she walked to her and hugged her. Sheryl smiled at Isla and said, "Don't worry. I will take care of myself. I won't let anything happen, okay?"

"Okay. Well, I should go find Aron now. If you need any help, just call me!" Since Charles had woken up, Isla had only been there once as Leila was always there and Isla didn't want to see Leila's face.

Every time Isla saw Leila, she wanted to punch her in the face and she knew she couldn't control herself. She decided it would just be best to refrain from going to the hospital completely.

"I know. Bye!"

Sheryl shook her head and sighed as Isla left.

When Sheryl was about to leave again, Phoebe walked in.

"President Xia, someone sent you this." Phoebe furrowed her brows and looked at Sheryl with concern.

Seeing Phoebe's face, Sheryl was confused. 'Why does look Phoebe so worried?' Sheryl wondered.

"What is it?" Sheryl asked Phoebe.

When she took the pictures from Phoebe and looked at them, Sheryl gasped.

'Who took these pictures? Someone is stalking me!' Sheryl was surprised upon seeing herself in the pictures.

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