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   Chapter 1661 Melissa’s In A Coma

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Melissa hadn't expected that Leila would return so soon. She couldn't help but feel suspicious that something was amiss.

"Leila, why are you back so early? What happened to you?" Melissa asked with an enquiring look.

As she walked closer to Leila, she noticed that Leila's eyes were swollen. Now she was utterly confused.

Never before had she seen Leila look so upset and distressed. This sight brought a feeling of confusion. She didn't know what to do. While Melissa was still hesitating, Leila threw herself into Melissa's arms. Then she burst into tears.

Greatly shocked, Melissa silently rubbed Leila's back, trying to lighten her mood. Yet she didn't say a word until Leila quieted down. After a few minutes, Melissa blurted, "Leila, what is the matter?"

"Aunt Melissa, all this time I have been too naïve to see the truth. As long as Sheryl is around Charles, he will never look at me with love!" As Leila whined, tears started to flow down her cheeks.

"Leila, don't cry! Did Sheryl say something to you? That damnable woman!" Melissa's face contorted with disgust as soon as she heard Sheryl's name.

"Auntie, as you know, I go to the ward early every morning to take care of Charles; however, his attitude towards me never changes. But, that's okay, as I am willing to live with hope. I know that someday, my actions will change his emotions. And I am more than happy to stay by his side. However, as long as Sheryl is there, I don't think it does any good to dwell on such hopes. His full attention has shifted to her. He immediately ignores my presence and takes everything I have done for granted. Auntie, I don't know what I can do to change this!" Leila felt pain course through her body. She had difficulty in completing her words.

"Leila, first of all, you should stop crying. Sheryl is really annoying, and we all know that!" Melissa cursed. She felt pissed off; however, she still managed to contain her emotions. At this crucial moment, her duty was to comfort Leila. Melissa gave her a gentle pat, as she racked her mind trying to come up with a good idea.

As Melissa was lost in her thoughts, Leila suddenly spoke in a sad tone, "Aunt Melissa, it seems that my desire to become your daughter-in-law can only happen in my dreams…"

"No way! Absolutely not! I won't permit you to make that conclusion so soon. I will make it a point that only you can be Charles' wife and my daughter-in-law!" Melissa immediately cut in before Leila could finish her words.

"But Sheryl is out there! She won't let us succeed!" Leila grumbled, with an upset face.

"You are right! That's why I suggest we should make another plan! If we allow Sheryl to get her way, all our efforts will go in vain. The last thing I want is for Sheryl to come back. We can't let that happen!" Melissa replied, with her eyes blankly s

is mind. He wasn't sure if he was doing the right thing. Moreover, he had no idea about how he would make this request. So far, he had treated Leila with hostility. Now he was worried that Leila would refuse to help him. What he didn't know was that, in Dream Garden, Leila had been waiting for this call. She was pacing back and forth expectantly.

According to the plan that Melissa and she had made, it appeared that the prearranged time had already passed. Leila couldn't help but grow worried. 'Could it be that our plan isn't working?' she thought anxiously.

When she was about to assume the worst, the phone suddenly rang.

"Leila, my mother has suddenly fainted. The doctors are trying to revive her. Her condition is really bad, and I need someone to take care of her. Can you…come and do me this favor?" Charles managed to speak in an indifferent tone, and after he had finished his statement, he eagerly waited for Leila's response.

"What? Okay! I will be right there!" Leila feigned concern and let out a victorious smile. She had known that if Melissa got ill, she would be the first one Charles would turn to for help.

Within fifteen minutes, Leila managed to reach the hospital. She appeared in front of Charles in a hurry. Her swift arrival took Charles aback. After looking dumbfounded for a second, he immediately led Leila to Melissa's wardroom.

"Aunt Melissa, are you feeling okay?" Leila walked over and crouched down beside the sickbed. Seeing Melissa didn't respond, she turned to look at Charles.

Without a word, Charles wheeled himself to the doorway and then gestured for Leila to follow him. For the time being, Melissa needed silence and rest, so he asked Leila to wheel him back to his ward.

Then he answered, with a gloomy face, "My mother is still unconscious. I think she needs some rest. Over the past few days, she has been tiring herself."

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