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   Chapter 1660 Have Seen It All

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Sheryl had an important meeting the next day, so she had to go back to the company.

As soon as she reached the building, she saw Lewis.

Lewis had also heard that Charles had woken up. On the one hand, he knew that Sheryl was glad, so he felt happy for her; but on the other hand, he realized that his chances with her had gotten slimmer.

He had hung out around the hospital all this time in the hope that he could, by chance see Sheryl, and check if she was well; even though, he wasn't sure that she wanted to see him.

Lewis didn't dare to look for Sheryl more than that, because he knew he couldn't control himself if he saw her. He wanted her to be his woman, but there was nothing he could do.

As usual, he decided to go out and drink in defeat.

He had drunk a lot of liquor, but he couldn't shake off his worries. Instead, he missed Sheryl even more.

Lewis drove to the building of Cloud Advertising Company, and unexpectedly, God showed him mercy, and he actually met Sheryl when he arrived there.

"Sheryl?" Lewis was overjoyed and walked over to her.

Sheryl was confused as to why Lewis was there. When he approached her, she could smell the alcohol on him.

"Have you been drinking?" Sheryl looked up at Lewis and asked this with a blank expression.

"Hmm, I could only work up the courage to come find you after getting drunk," he admitted. Lewis couldn't stand steadily and stumbled when he walked up to Sheryl.

Sheryl saw this and was afraid that Lewis would fall without help.

"You should go home now. It's late," Sheryl said but didn't move to support Lewis. She didn't want to be nice to him, because she worried that he would misunderstand her kindness and assume it was affection.

"Sheryl, do you know why I chose to give you up?" Lewis said half to himself while looking at Sheryl. He didn't care if she was listening or not, or even what she would say.

"I'm sorry for you, but I really want to be with you still." With sorrow in his eyes, Lewis raised his hand and tried to touch Sheryl's face.

Sheryl instinctively stepped back to avoid him.

"I have something to do. I have to go now." Sheryl glanced at Lewis indifferently before she turned and entered the building.

She thought if she ignored him, Lewis would give up, but s


In the neighborhood where Sheryl lived, Sheryl was speaking to her kids.

"Clark, take good care of your sister. Mommy is going to the hospital to visit Daddy, so I can't drive you to kindergarten today." Sheryl was sorry that she couldn't spend more time with her kids.

Clark nodded obediently. "Mommy, don't worry; I will take care of my sister. You need to look after yourself and help Daddy recover soon. Then, we will get to go out and have fun."

"That's right!"

Sheryl smiled and watched Joan take the kids to the kindergarten. Then, she went to the hospital.

She hadn't expected that somebody else had arrived even earlier than her.

When Sheryl went to push the door, Leila opened it, and they bumped into each other.

"Sher, you're finally here." Charles noticed someone at the door and raised his head to see Sheryl. Suddenly, there was affection in his eyes.

Sheryl glanced at Leila and didn't say anything. She walked around Leila expressionlessly and entered the room.

"Hmm. How are you feeling today?" While speaking, Sheryl walked to Charles's side with a smile and put the stuff she had brought on the table.

Leila saw all of this as she stood in the doorway.

Just now, when Charles had spoken to Leila, he had worn a long face; but, when he saw Sheryl, there was a happy expression on his face, and he had love in his eyes. Unfortunately, the woman in front of him was not Leila.

Leila walked out of the room in a rage.

Soon after, Leila returned to Dream Garden.

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