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   Chapter 1657 A Secret Plan

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Leila told herself not to panic. If she couldn't make rational decisions, the person that would benefit from this would be none other than Sheryl. Of course she wouldn't want this to happen.

Being worried about Melissa, Leila comforted her until she finally stopped crying.

Nancy was in the kitchen, but she happened to overhear their conversation. She walked out of the kitchen and asked Melissa, "Ma'am, is Mr. Lu awake? Do you need me to prepare any food?"

Whatever Leila and Melissa were planning didn't concern Nancy at all. To her, the only person that Charles would love was Sheryl. She knew that whatever they tried to break them up would fail.

"The doctor says that he needs something less oily and spicy, so anything along those lines is fine." Melissa was in no mood to prepare something special and nutritious for Charles to eat. Anyway, he didn't really care about her. In turn, she wouldn't care about him that much then.

Leila kept her mouth shut while Nancy was still around. After Nancy returned to the kitchen, she quietly whispered to Melissa, "Aunt Melissa, you've been taking care of Charles so much over these past few days. Don't forget that your health isn't in the best condition. If you exhaust yourself, you might get sick, especially if you upset yourself too."

Leila had been secretly planning in her head. Recently, she'd finally finished her plan. The only way she could get what she wanted was to use Melissa, or to be more precise, to use the conflict between Melissa and Sheryl.

"Yeah, you're right. I'm not that healthy anymore. If Sheryl continues to upset me this much, I'll get sick. How could Charles just let that happen?" Melissa knew that even though Charles cared the most about Sheryl, she was still his mother. If anything happened to her, Charles would definitely feel bad.

'If I find a way to blame Sheryl for my sickness, this may cause a strain in her relationship with Charles, ' Melissa thought.

As soon as she realized this, she replaced the sullen look on her face with a huge grin. Holding Leila's hand, she exclaimed, "Leila, thank you so much. You're so clever! The only pe

something foreign to Sheryl.

"Sher, I'll leave you two alone for now. Call me if you need me for anything," Nick said when he saw that Sheryl had lapsed into silence.

"All right," she answered.

After Nick left, Sheryl looked at Charles and asked quizzically, "What did you two talk about? How come I'm sensing something is off?"

Charles replied, "We didn't actually talk about anything. I also felt that he wanted to tell me something, but I guess before he could say anything, you'd already came in." As he spoke, Charles gripped Sheryl's hand, as if he was afraid that she would leave. Whenever she was with him, he always made sure that her hand was in his.

"Shall I call him back in so that you can continue your conversation with him?" Sheryl said, teasing him.

Charles tightened his grip on Sheryl's hand as if to say that he didn't want her to leave.

Seeing that her small trick worked, Sheryl put on a sly grin.

"You're lying!" Charles blurted out when he realized what Sheryl had done.

"No, I wasn't," Sheryl replied. After this playful back and forth, silence fell upon them.

Charles lay on his bed, quietly watching Sheryl peel an apple for him.

After the accident, Charles had discovered that he'd sort of changed. He'd started to hate silence, staying in bed, and not being able to do anything.

"Sheryl, I'm sorry. I won't let anyone mistreat you ever again," Charles slowly said.

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