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   Chapter 1655 Sequela

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Melissa was glad that she had finally shown Sheryl who really had the upper hand here.

Sheryl didn't know what to say to Melissa or how to get her to stop talking. She bit her lips and shook her head, ignoring Melissa.

She glanced at Charles as she shook her head. Then she suddenly saw that Charles had moved.

It was the first time that Sheryl had seen Charles move since his coma. Sheryl was so excited that she rushed to the bed. She raised her voice and said, "Charles, Charles, can you hear me?" Even though Sheryl wasn't sure if Charles was already awake, she just wanted to make sure if he would respond if she called him by his name.

Melissa rushed over too.

Sheryl held Charles' hands tightly. She just saw that his eyes were moving, and she was sure that Charles was going to open his eyes soon.

Sheryl held her breath nervously as she watched Charles slowly open his eyes.

"Charles, you woke up!" Sheryl covered her mouth with her hands in surprise.

Melissa too was surprised. She pushed Sheryl away and asked Charles in excitement, "Charles, how are you feeling?" She had raised her voice in excitement.

Melissa was holding Charles' hands tightly as tears fell from her eyes.

Charles was still slow to respond since he had just woken up from a coma. When he had completely opened his eyes and finally realized what was going on around him, he lifted his finger and pointed at Sheryl. He tried to open his mouth, but nothing came out.

Melissa couldn't help but be pissed and upset that Charles wanted Sheryl.

Melissa had never accepted Sheryl as her daughter-in-law. She didn't like Sheryl. She thought Leila was way better than Sheryl. Melissa thought Charles must have been cursed. Otherwise, how else would he fall in love with a woman like Sheryl?

Charles looked at Sheryl lovingly, which made Sheryl squeal with joy. She covered her mouth with her hands and rushed over to Charles—her eyes filled to the brim with tears.

Sheryl pushed Melissa away and leaned towards Charles. She grabbed Charles' hand and looked at him tearfully.

Charles looked at Sheryl and smiled at her. Then he pulled back the hand Melissa

Sheryl, his eyes were filled with love and sincerity. But when he looked at Melissa, he seemed annoyed.

Before Charles could answer Melissa, the doctor knocked on the door and walked in.

"Doctor, Charles has woken up!" Melissa said to the doctor in excitement.

The doctor seemed to have anticipated this already. He nodded at Melissa before he walked to Charles to give him a check-up. Then he smiled at Melissa, "I can assure you, Mrs. Lu. Charles has already fully recovered. He can be discharged soon as long as he rests first."

"Really? There's no sequela, right?" Sheryl anxiously asked the doctor.

.After all, Charles had been in a coma for so long; she couldn't help but be worried about him.

"Do you want Charles to have sequela? Why would Charles have any sequela?" Melissa scolded Sheryl as she was annoyed at her.

She glared at Sheryl, who was being as annoying as she always was, in her opinion.

"Mom, that's not what I mean." Even though Sheryl knew Melissa was doing this on purpose, she didn't want to fight in front of Charles, especially now that he had just woken up.

"Don't worry. We will give Mr. Lu a full check-up this afternoon. By then, we will see whether he has any sequela." The doctor checked Charles again. Then he reminded Melissa and Sheryl of all the things that needed to be dealt with before leaving.

After the doctor left, Melissa wanted to blame Sheryl, but Charles stopped her.

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