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   Chapter 1654 Melissa Backing Leila Up

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Despite being in a panic, Leila still tried to keep her cool. She tried the best she could to read the situation instead of letting anxiety control her.

"We have a witness. As a civilian, you owe your country the duty to cooperate with us, and help us complete our investigation!" one of the policemen stated in a serious voice, as the others guided Leila to the police car.

"Who's the victim? Do I know who they are?" Leila had a faint notion as to what the police were bothering her about, but she pretended to know anything.

"Don't you already know what you did? You should look to yourself for the answer!" Nick shouted in rage at once. He couldn't be more disgusted by Leila's hypocritical behavior.

Taken aback, Leila shook in fright. She was scared by Nick's presence because he seemed emotional, and Leila was afraid that he might try to beat her up in a fit of violence.

A policeman immediately shot Nick a warning look, gesturing for him to compose himself. Nick smoothly fought for calm and collected his face after that. He finally shrugged his shoulder toward the policeman after throwing Leila one last glare.

"Cassie is the victim!" another policeman replied. He then paused to observe Leila's reaction. "You are coming to the police station with us!" the man added.

Hearing the name, Leila was shocked. She stood deathly still as if she had been struck by a bolt of lightning. She hadn't expected that the damnable woman would get her memories back so soon.

There was no doubt that she couldn't avoid an investigation from the police if Cassie remembered what happened.

She was only worried as to whether she could still hide the truth. That, in her view, depended on how much Cassie remembered.

Leila's mind kept spinning as fast as it could go. She had to look back on what had happened and make up a believable story.

Then an idea hit her in a flash—even if Cassie remembered everything, Leila was the only person who could give witness to what happened. The police couldn't convict Leila on only Cassie's one-sided story. They had to gather up enough evidence, or else she could still be found innocent. Thinking of that, Leila's nervous face turned into a relaxed expression.

"Well, of course, I will cooperate with you, and help you guys get your job done. I am ready to serve my duty as a good civilian!" Leila uttered joyfully.

Leila's reply put Nick into a state of confusion. 'What is on her mind? Isn't she afraid? She is not supposed to be so calm, is she?'

Nick whined to himself in his mind. After the police car started its engine, Nick realized that he could only entrust the case to the police. He then turned and got into his car. He intended to go back to Cassie.

Surrounded by the policemen in the car, Leila stayed unfazed. To dissipate the charged atmosphere which she felt, she started speaking to a guy beside her, saying, "Sir, may I ask how things are going with Cassie? Is she okay now?"

"The case is under investigation. We can't tell you more about the victim's condition for now." The officer refused to reply, and Leila realized that she wouldn't be able

ing in her and Charles' affairs. Sheryl and Charles were a couple, so whatever happened to them, it was supposed to be none of Melissa's business. Even if she was Charles' mother, she had no right to make decisions for Charles.

"Mom, I don't want to argue with you! Especially not in front of Charles!" Sheryl seethed in anger. She had not intended on retorting, but Melissa's overbearing manner pushed her to her limits.

"Why? Are you guilty for what you have done to my son? So you have no honor to talk about it? Aha!" Melissa sneered. She thought Sheryl must have a guilty conscience. So Melissa took it as a great opportunity to oppress her.

"Mom, I don't feel guilty, because I haven't done anything wrong. You know that I'm telling the truth!"

"Of course, I know how you disappointed my son. It's not just me--everybody on the internet knows! We all know how you started an intimate relationship with another man, during Charles' coma," Melissa accused reproachfully. The reminder of Lewis irritated her.

"I don't want to argue with you on that issue! Here is what I want to argue about--if that Leila is such a good girl, as you always think, then why doesn't Charles love her?" In Sheryl's eyes, the rumors have always been nothing but nonsense. Sheryl refused to talk with Melissa about it. She only had one topic that interested her the most—why did her mother-in-law have a bias against her? Why did Melissa prefer Leila so much?

"You tell me! If it weren't for you, Charles would have fallen in love with Leila a long time ago!" Melissa shouted, as she raised her hand and pointed at Sheryl.

Staring at Melissa for a moment, Sheryl was shocked. She suddenly understood why Melissa had treated her badly all along. Melissa had never accepted her as her daughter-in-law. No matter how much effort Sheryl tried to put into earning her stay, Melissa wouldn't give a hoot about it. She had always regarded Leila as her son's perfect wife!

"Why won't you talk? Why are you sitting there in silence?" Melissa shot Sheryl a brash look, as she continued disdainfully.

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