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   Chapter 1653 Assisting The Investigation

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After walking out, Sheryl saw Cora rubbing her hands together nervously.

Cora's demeanor made Sheryl feel sorry for her.

In fact, Cora was helpless when it came to how her brother acted.

"Cora, nobody needs to take the responsibility for the accident. As long as your brother can move on, Nick and Cassie won't get him in trouble. You have to make sure that your brother won't disturb Cassie's life anymore though." Sheryl knew Nick well. He was not the kind of person who would haggle with anything.

But Nick cared so much about Cassie. If somebody hurt her on purpose, Nick would never let it go.

Sheryl knew that it was different this time because the other party to the conflict was Jordan--a shameless man. She had decided for Nick and wanted to make concessions to avoid further trouble. She hoped that everything would be alright in the end.

"Hmm, Sher, don't worry. My brother truly won't disturb Cassie anymore."

"That's all right then. I am going to check on Charles. You stay with Cassie." To comfort her, Sheryl patted Cora's shoulder and then walked toward Charles' room.

When Sheryl arrived, the doctor that was assigned to Charles was examining him in a routine check-up.

"Doctor, when will Charles wake up?" Sheryl saw the doctor and couldn't help asking her usual question.

The doctor was surprised at hearing Sheryl's question again, and glanced at her before responding, "Don't you know? Charles is going to wake up soon, any day in fact. Perhaps he will wake up in the next second."

"Doctor, what did you say now? Are you joking?" Sheryl looked at the doctor with wide and doubtful eyes. She thought she must be dreaming.

"As a doctor, how could I tease a patient's family like that?" The doctor was amused by Sheryl's reaction.

It appeared that she had known nothing about the update.

When the doctor left and the room became silent again, Sheryl finally came to her senses.

"Charles, are you really going to wake up?" Sheryl covered her mouth and looked at Charles anxiously as she felt a surge of emotion.

After she had waited and spoken to him for so long, Charles was finally going to wake up.

Although Sheryl usually told herself several times every day that Charles could wake up soon, there

looked Nick up and down before speaking.

"Sir, this is Leila. She is the attempted murderer." Nick had just checked the roof with the policemen and had prepared to see them off, but Leila arrived unexpectedly, so he couldn't let her go.

This woman in front of him had almost killed Cassie and caused Charles to fall into a coma. Nick had wanted to beat this woman to death when it happened. If it was not for the law, he would have beaten her many times.

"Why are you talking nonsense? Who did I try to murder?" Leila heard Nick shouting and suddenly felt guilty.

She couldn't help but look around. Fortunately, it was noisy around her and nobody noticed what was happening.

The two policemen Nick waved at walked over to her.

Leila felt nervous. She looked around shiftily, not knowing what Nick really wanted to do.

"Miss, we are policemen. We suspect that you have something to do with an intentional injury case. Please, come to the police station with us and assist in the investigation." The policeman showed his badge and looked at Leila expressionlessly.

Leila looked at Nick's complacent expression and became furious, but when she noticed the policeman's cold face, the arrogance on her face disappeared.

"Why do you suspect me? Do you have any evidence to prove that I have done something wrong? Why should I go to the police station with you?" Leila was not ignorant about the law. She knew that she didn't have to go to the police station if there wasn't enough cause.

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