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   Chapter 1651 Being Confused

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Jordan was confused. What had Cassie done for Cora to deserve her loyalty?

"Jordan, I am not taking Cassie's side. I just can't bear to see you being so ruthless to her. Look at what you've done. In the past, you were unwilling to give her up. Now that you have a rich girlfriend, you wish that you have never known Cassie. I have never known anyone like you. What's more, Cassie wasn't the one who came to you. How can you say that she will do harm to your girlfriend? It is not like Cassie pursued you to begin with," Cora said in one breath, feeling angrier than before.

Hearing Cora's words, Jordan was speechless, but he didn't plan to let Cassie go.

Because he was quite amoral, he suspiciously attributed bad motives to anybody else, and had to defend himself. He was afraid that Cassie would do anything to offend his girlfriend.

He secretly promised himself that if his girlfriend left him, he would take Cassie's life.

"Okay, I see. I am narrow-minded, huh? Go away now. I have to go and stay with my girlfriend." Not wanting to hear more from Cora, Jordan instructed her to leave.

Seeing that Jordan was so anxious, Cora left and went to check her patients.

Half an hour later, Cassie had finished her rounds and prepared to meet Cora and have dinner with her. On the way, Jordan stopped her.

Cassie saw that he was purposely blocking her way, and asked unhappily, "What on earth do you want Jordan?"

Since Cassie wanted to walk around him, Jordan grabbed her arm.

Cassie couldn't move one step and shouted furiously, "Let me go!"

"Cassie, I warn you. If you dare to talk nonsense again, I will make you regret it." Jordan was excited at hearing Cassie shout herself hoarse.

Cassie was unable to reply. Why would she talk nonsense about his business? She really couldn't understand where he was coming from.

"Jordan, I don't get it. What did I do to make you so scared that you'd even threaten me?" Cassie thought she was too powerless to fight back. She had never seen such a brazen person.

Wasn't Jordan making false counterarguments? Cassie regretted that she hadn't been more ruthless to Jordan before.

She finally realized that because


"I assure you, I will never again approach Cassie in the future," Jordan promised Cora.

Cora was clear that Jordan must remember this after such a serious accident. She then gave her brother some instructions before she turned to leave.

After Cora left, Jordan sat down, at complete a loss. He admitted to himself that he still loved Cassie, but he couldn't understand why she had no feelings for him. So Jordan's goal had been clear after they had broken up. He would look for a woman who could help him with his career.

Initially, he just didn't want Cassie to discuss the past with Annie. However, if he knew he would end up hurting Cassie, he wouldn't have bothered her.

Of course, he felt sorry for Cassie. But more importantly, he didn't want to make trouble or let Annie know about his and Cassie's history.

Now he realized that he had made a fool of himself in trying to be smart. He could only depend on Cora.

When Cora arrived at the operating room, Cassie's surgery had just finished. The doctor just came out.

"Doctor, how is Cassie?" Nick held his breath as he waited for news, staring at the doctor's face.

"Relax. Cassie is fine now. The coagulated blood has been cleared up, and there is no damage to her nerve." The doctor then patted Nick's shoulder, trying to convince him not to worry.

Hearing what the doctor said, Nick finally sighed with relief.

They went to the ward where Cassie was recovering.

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