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   Chapter 1650 Cora’s Quarrel With Jordan

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"You'd better go home straight away. There is no need to come and pick me up. I am extremely busy since there are many patients here. It would be better if I have dinner at the staff canteen," Cassie replied. As the ambulance approached, she had the urge to hang up the phone. There was way too much work for her to do, and she couldn't waste another second.

"Nick! Another patient is waiting for me. Sorry, but I have to go now!"

"Okay, make sure you take good care of yourself--" Before Nick could finish speaking, he heard a beep. 'Oh, she has hung up, ' he thought.

Suddenly a disappointed smile made its way to Nick's face. He shook his head, feeling disheartened.

Cassie gazed at the vehicle as the door opened. The patient was a young and beautiful woman.

"Doctor, please, help her. My girlfriend suddenly fainted. I have no idea what went wrong. I am deeply concerned about her,"

a man anxiously stated, standing next to the female patient. Cassie immediately felt a familiarity after hearing that voice. In astonishment, she stole a quick glance at him.

As expected, the man was none other than Jordan, Cora's older brother!

Since Cassie got back together with Nick, Cora hadn't mentioned anything about her elder brother. And Cassie had made no attempts to ask Cora about Jordon either. But this meeting was completely unexpected. She had never thought they would meet again in a hospital.

Jordon was taken aback as soon as his eyes fell on Cassie. But quickly, he composed himself. He came back to his senses, and his gaze shifted back to the doctor. With a nod, he hurriedly followed the doctor into the hospital as his girlfriend was carried inside.

When Jordan's girlfriend was taken into the operating room, Cassie was selected to help with the operation. Jordan was immediately perturbed. Before Cassie entered the room, he stopped Cassie at the doorway, and he grabbed Cassie by her arm, and warned spitefully, "Cassie, there may be old scores unsettled between you and me, but don't you dare vent your anger on her! If you do, I will make your life miserable!"

Clearly, he was threatening Cassie. But his menacing face and words repulsed her.

With a frown, Cassie shook herself free from his grip and asked nonchalantly, "Are you threatening me? You have the audacity to threaten a medical staff member?"

"Yes, you got it right! I am threatening you!"

Jordan didn't try to conceal his intention; instead, he grinned and openly admitted it.

"Well, fine! I suggest you transfer your girlfriend to another hospital. Since you don't trust me and this hospital, I don't think I want to take this responsibility. If anything unexpected happens to her during the operation, I am pretty sure you will blame me! However, here is what I think-- you knew the hospital I work for, yet you let the ambulance bring your girlfriend here. Did you do that on purpose?" Cassie was boiling with rage. In the past, Jordan had done terrible things to her. Just the mer

fine. You've been given medication so don't move your body. There is a chance for you to relapse!" Jordan cautiously reminded her, as he gently helped her sit up. Slowly, he pulled her into his arms.

Almost running out of energy, he tried to brighten up his girlfriend's mood.

In a daze, she fell asleep again in his arms. Right when Jordan was ready to take a deep breath, Cora swung the door open.

Cora's movement caused a noisy clamor. At once, Jordan threw her a death glare. He gestured for her to be quiet. Then he put the woman in his arms back to bed. Cora stood at the door, watching Jordan in silence. After tucking his girlfriend in, Jordan immediately walked over to Cora and pulled her outside.

"Why did you come here? You don't look very happy. Did that madwoman tell you something? Don't listen to her!" Jordan stared at his sister, his eyes full of suspicion.

Cora didn't like the way Jordan spoke of Cassie. In her eyes, it had all been his fault from the very beginning. All of it happened due to his own unrequited affection. Cassie was straight forward and never gave him any hope. However, he didn't accept his failure and held Cassie accountable for everything.

"Jordan, is this the so-called girlfriend of yours?" Cora questioned looking irritated.

"What's with your attitude? Cut the chase and tell me why you are here!" Jordan blurted out angrily. He was rather displeased with his sister's demeanor.

"Jordan, Cassie isn't like you. Just because you are a petty person doesn't mean that everyone else is! Now that Cassie and Nick are living a happy life, can't you give your old grudges a rest? And look, you have also found a new love. Can't you let the past stay in the past? Don't disturb her anymore!" Cora raised her voice as she tried to reason with Jordan.

"How dare you yell at me?! Don't forget that I am your elder brother. Why are you taking her side?" Jordan got irritated. He couldn't watch his sister take a stand for Cassie, a stranger.

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