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   Chapter 1649 We Could Be Friends

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Actually, Lewis hadn't left Sheryl at all in the past few days. He would slowly drive behind her just to unnoticed watch her, yet never dared to approach her.

What had happened that night had clearly been an accident, but it was made to look like Lewis was responsible for it. Though he had been framed, Lewis couldn't help but feel guilty as he thought he had cheated on Sheryl and betrayed his own promise.

"How have you been doing?" Lewis hesitantly walked towards Sheryl, breaking the ice.

Always tailing her without her noticing, Lewis already knew that she was fine, but he just didn't want to prolong the awkward silence and decided to approach her.

"I'm fine. How about you?" Sheryl sighed with relief as she observed that Lewis wasn't acting as passionate and obsessed as he was before.

He was still in love with Sheryl, but after what happened that night, he had to learn the hard way how to suppress his feelings.

Those changes really made Sheryl feel comfortable enough to not be too worried again. At least now, they could try to reconnect and be friends.

"I am truly sorry for all the trouble I have caused you before." Lewis decided to give up on pursuing Sheryl. When it had sunk in that she didn't love him, he had gotten himself drunk and found himself sleeping with another woman. It was a huge mistake which he couldn't afford to make. Because of what he had done, he realized that he really didn't deserve Sheryl. Wouldn't it be better for both of them if they chose to only be friends?

Lewis felt at ease. He had finally figured it out.

It was already a blessing that he could see Sheryl every single day. He couldn't ask for more.

"Please, don't say that, Lewis. I know you didn't mean to bother me that way. But I do have to be clear with you. We are just friends and will stay this way." Sheryl decided to come clean. Otherwise, it would still be awkward for them every time they saw each other.

As a hopeless romantic, Lewis used to think that Sheryl would one day fall for everything he had done for her. But now, he realized that all he did was burden Sheryl. He believed that his feelings were always too much.

Even though Lewis knew about this before, hearing it from Sheryl made it sting harsher.

"Yes, we're friends," said Lewis as he tried his best to hide his sorrow while forcing a smile.

Sheryl knew she was being cruel to Lewis with every remark of friendship, but she had no other option. Especially now that Lewis had finally stopped chasing her, she needed to seize this chance and lay down Lewis' limitations. She didn't want to be subjected to any misunderstanding or obsession again.

"Uh-huh." Sheryl nodded and s

Leila was wrong. Lewis' love towards Sheryl was unconditional, in that he was willing to let her go, so she could be at peace with the life she chose.

Leila knew that she had underestimated Lewis' capability to compartmentalize work from feelings. After all, he was the CEO of Blue Cloud Technology, and he surely knew how to manage his feelings without being affected by Leila's senseless words.

Leila stomped her foot in anger and left.

Also at the hospital, Cassie was waiting for patients at the hospital's gate. There she saw Leila and Lewis talking to each other, and it worried her. She was afraid that Leila was brewing trouble for Sheryl again. Since the ambulance hadn't arrived yet, Cassie decided to call Nick.

"Cassie, you can rest assured that Lewis won't give in to what Leila might have asked him to do. I know what kind of person Lewis is, and I am sure that he won't do anything to hurt Sheryl. I guess it's just Leila trying to executing one of her plans to cause trouble, even using Lewis, but I am sure that he can handle Leila. Let's not bother Sher with this. She already has enough on her plate." When he heard what Cassie said, Nick did feel worried but chose not to be affected by it. He clearly knew that Sheryl had no feelings towards Lewis. Therefore, even if Leila wanted to team up with Lewis to further her ill-gotten plans, it wouldn't affect Sheryl at all.

As long as Sheryl knew what she wanted and was determined enough, no one could stop her from being with Charles, even if it was Lewis or Leila or Melissa.

"Uh-huh, I won't tell Sher." Cassie nodded her head in approval.

"I will pick you up for dinner tonight." Nick brought up another subject, in an attempt to distract Cassie's attention as he didn't want her to be affected by Leila.

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