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   Chapter 1647 Who Should Feel Embarrassed

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The Shining Company headquarters wasn't far from the hospital, so Leila got to the hospital in half an hour.

When she arrived, Leila stood still for a moment to catch her breath.

Leila was frustrated when she saw Charles still lying in bed.

Melissa grabbed Leila's hand and walked her to the bed. Melissa pointed her fingers at Charles' hand and said, "Charles' hand just moved. The doctor told me that Charles would wake up soon."

Hearing what Melissa said, Leila was disappointed. 'What's the point of asking me to come to the hospital if Charles didn't wake up yet?' Leila silently complained about Melissa in her mind.

Leila dared not to show her disappointment outwardly. Melissa was the only one that Leila could count on. Leila wouldn't confront Melissa over something so small, because it was better to have a friend than an enemy.

"Leila, here is what I am thinking. I think you'd better stay at the hospital instead of going to the company building for work," Melissa said to Leila.

Leila's expression turned sour and she stared at Melissa in confusion.

Seeing Leila's confusion, Melissa explained it to her, saying, "When you and I are not here in the ward, Sheryl always sneaks in to come and see Charles. I could ignore her and let her do whatever she wants, but Charles is going to wake up at any time now. What do you think Sheryl will do if she finds out about that?"

Melissa's words struck Leila. She had almost forgotten about Sheryl.

"You're right, Aunt Melissa. I understand your concern, so I will stay in the hospital with Charles!" Leila grabbed Melissa's hands as she promised that she would take care of Charles.

"Leila, I always trust you. I know that you will take care of Charles. I feel really relieved that you are around to help me still," Melissa said gratefully as she patted the back of Leila's hand. She felt blessed to have a friend like Leila around.

"Uh-huh, thank you for always trusting me and taking care of me, Aunt Melissa." Leila smiled at Melissa.

Leila knew that when she decided to come to the hospital, she wouldn't be able to go back to the company, so she stayed in the ward. It was getting late, and Leila could tell Melissa was tired, so she said to Melissa, "Aunt Melissa, I can take care of Charles. Why don't you head back home and get some rest?"

Melissa checked her watch when she heard Leila say that.

"Well, I am not so tired, but I hav

e details; if Sheryl was still in love with Charles.

Thinking about that, Leila continued, "That night, Charles told me a lot of things. He said that he would have divorced you long ago if it wasn't for the children. Do you really think he prolonged the divorce because he still loves you? You're wrong then. Look at yourself in the mirror, Sheryl. As for Charles, you're just the mother of his children, not his real lover."

Every word Leila said tore Sheryl's heart into pieces.

Although she was convinced that Charles wouldn't say such things about her, it still hurt to hear Leila make up such stories.

Sheryl clenched her fists. Biting her lip, Sheryl glared at Leila and said, "I'm not here to argue with you."

"But I am!" Sheryl and Leila's eyes met. Clearly, Leila had gained the upper hand.

"What? Are you feeling upset now?" Leila pressed Sheryl.

Sheryl couldn't understand Leila's behavior. Leila was the one who had made a mistake. How could she act like she was the victim and be so shameless?

"Leila, don't you find yourself to be disgusting? You make me sick!" Sheryl spat at Leila.

"I don't see how I have done anything wrong. You are the one who's sick, okay? Charles promised that he would marry me. When he wakes up, we will get married. It's just a matter of time. By then, you're the one who will feel embarrassed and ashamed. So, why don't you just stay away from our life from now on so that you can save some face?" Leila lashed out.

Sheryl just smiled coldly. She responded indifferently, saying, "I wonder who will really be the embarrassed one when Charles wakes up."

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