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   Chapter 1646 Charles Is Going To Wake Up

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Sheryl certainly understood what Isla meant, but she no longer had extra energy to even bother.

"Sher, I know you are already tired. Let me handle it. I won't disappoint you. As your bestie, I have to remind you all the time that you are so lucky to have me." Sheryl didn't say anything. Isla stared back at her as she could guess what was wrong, so she patted her chest to assure Sheryl she was serious.

It was something annoying, but Isla's words made it sound otherwise, so Sheryl couldn't help laughing.

Sometimes Sheryl admired that Isla could talk about anything that way. Even if she got angry, she could direct herself.

However, Sheryl couldn't do that. It appeared that she had let many things pass, but in fact, she felt very sad.

"Hmm, I believe you. Isla Zhao, I will let you cope with my bashers online." Sheryl looked at Isla and patted her shoulder, as if officially giving her the power to act.

Hearing that Sheryl had replied to her, Isla was finally relieved.

When they arrived at the company, Sheryl asked Phoebe to come to her office.

Isla decided to stay. She also wanted to know what Phoebe's feelings for Josef was.

Soon, Phoebe knocked on Sheryl's office door and then walked in.

She was welcomed by Sheryl and Isla with their arms folded across their chests as if trying to query her. It didn't take a scientist to figure out why they had asked her to come. Thinking about what happened yesterday, Phoebe suddenly felt shy. Tucking her hair behind her ear, she smiled awkwardly.

"Phoebe, come and have a seat. I want to ask you something," Patting the seat next to her, Isla motioned Phoebe forward.

Sheryl also nodded in cooperation with Isla and waved her hand, gesturing for Phoebe to come over and sit.

Closing the door behind her, Phoebe knew that she couldn't escape this time. Anyway, she had to face them sooner or later. At worst she would tell them frankly.

With a hundred thoughts running in her head, Phoebe nodded at Sheryl and then sat next to Isla.

"Tell us. What's your feeling of Josef?" Isla started, not wanting to beat around the bush.

Her question made Phoebe mor


Because of the secret deal with Holley, Leila had to prepare everything before Charles woke up, in case she would be caught by surprise.

Leila had a clear purpose when she returned to Shining Company. She needed to discover as much information as possible about the project. She was a firm believer that to win every battle, one needed to know both themselves and their enemy. Only after she was clear about all the trends of the project could she find its weakness.

So Leila was as busy as a bee. Finishing her work at hand, she finally prepared to sit down for a rest when her cell phone rang. Checking the name on its caller ID, she frowned when she saw it was Melissa who was calling. Getting calls from her didn't really make her happy, but still, she answered the phone in a sweet voice, "Aunt Melissa, why are you calling me at this time? Is there something wrong with Charles?"

Her voice sounded both sweet and sad. Leila was perhaps the only one who could pretend to this level.

"Leila, come to the hospital now. Charles is going to wake up soon."

"Aunt Melissa, what did you say?" The news had her spring up from her chair emotionally, doubts cast aside.

"Charles is going to wake up!" Melissa repeated what she just said.

Stammering, Leila answered, "Okay, Aunt Melissa. I am on my way to the hospital now."

Soon after she ended the call, Leila grabbed her bag and rushed to the hospital.

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