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   Chapter 1644 Clark Is Being Cold

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Shortly after they arrived, the kids had fallen asleep. Sheryl went to check on them as usual before going back to the bedroom.

It had been a while since Isla had last stayed over at Sheryl's, so she was excited and couldn't fall asleep.

"By the way, did you notice Phoebe and Aron's cousin today? Is there something going on?" Sheryl had stayed at the hospital the entire afternoon, so she didn't know what happened to Phoebe. Now that she remembered it, she couldn't help asking Isla.

Hearing what Sheryl said, Isla was thrilled. Holding her hand, she gestured for Sheryl to sit down so she could tell her in detail, without hurrying.

"Why are you so excited?" Seeing the expression on Isla's face, Sheryl thought there was something unusual. Sitting in front of Isla, Sheryl fixed her eyes on her.

Isla coughed and started explaining seriously, "You will never expect it, but the fact is, Aron's cousin had fallen in love with Phoebe a long time ago already."

"What?" With her eyes widely open, Sheryl looked at Isla in doubt.

Didn't Isla say that Josef only came back from abroad recently? How could he have fancied Phoebe before then?

Confused, Sheryl continued to look at Isla, waiting for her to tell the whole story.

"Do you remember that you sent Phoebe on a business tour abroad last year?" Isla asked, pretending to be mysterious.

Nodding her head, Sheryl answered, "Yes, I do. Did they meet each other during that time?"

"Hmm, right. Josef saw Phoebe once by accident and fell in love at first sight. Then I happened to introduce them to each other. Of course, he would be happy." Isla snapped her fingers joyfully as she explained.

Sheryl certainly felt happy for Phoebe, until a sudden thought crossed her mind. "Does Phoebe remember Josef?"

In her opinion, Phoebe's forgetfulness would probably mean that she had forgotten about Josef, so she wouldn't have any feelings for him.

"She naturally forgets everything, but I think Josef badly wants to pursue her. So then there's no problem." Isla had faith in Josef's capability.

She was sure that Josef was in every way deserving of, so she hoped that Phoebe would give him a chance.


d that nobody could stop her from staying with Charles. As long as he would wake up, she would stand next to him.

The next day

Sheryl and Isla woke up at almost the same time.

"Mommy," Shirley called out. "Auntie Isla, did you sleep here last night?" Opening the door of Sheryl's bedroom early in the morning, Shirley was surprised to see Isla.

"Sweetie, did you miss Auntie?" Rubbing her sleepy eyes and then stretching out her hands, Isla invited Shirley into her arms.

Being an obedient little girl, Shirley rushed into Isla's arms.

"Hmm, Auntie Isla, I haven't seen you for a long time. Are you too busy working these days?" Shirley asked Isla doubtfully in a childish voice.

Pouting, Isla nodded pitifully. "Yes. Your mommy is lazy these days, so I have to do much work in the company."

"No, my mommy isn't lazy!" Hearing that Isla had spoken ill of her mommy, Shirley felt unhappy, and her lips curled in a threatening way.

Amused by Shirley's expression, Sheryl and Isla exchanged glances and smiled at each other.

At that moment, Clark suddenly came rushing in from outside.

"Mommy, Auntie Isla, come on! Have breakfast quickly. You will be late." Clark walked over expressionlessly.

Hearing that, Shirley rushed out of Isla's arms and went out to the dining hall.

Sheryl looked into Isla's eyes and nodded, as if lost in thought.

'What is wrong with Clark?

Why is he so cold?'

Sheryl felt confused and sad.

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