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   Chapter 1642 Setting Phoebe Up With Someone

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Lewis drove off as soon as Sheryl went inside the building. Isla followed behind Sheryl.

She tapped Sheryl on the shoulder, which took her by surprise.

"You scared me!" Sheryl rolled her eyes at Isla since she was used to Isla's childish behavior.

Isla smiled at Sheryl and asked, "I'm not here to scare you. I need to ask you something."

"What? And please, don't do that ever again." Sheryl walked into the elevator and pressed the button, waiting for Isla's question.

Isla was still smiling. She eyed Sheryl from head to toe before asking, "Sheryl, did you see Lewis just now?"

"He was here?!" Sheryl raised her voice and stared at Isla. Her eyes widened. Sheryl was taken aback.

Isla nodded and continued, "Uh-huh, you didn't notice him? He was acting so weird. I mean, I thought he was going to come to you and talk to you, but he just drove away."

Sheryl was glad that Lewis didn't bother her again and she wouldn't lose sleep over figuring out why he would do that.

"Isn't that great?" Sheryl responded.

"I guess he's finally taking the hint, and he's going to leave you alone now," Isla said.

"Isla, you're such a bad friend. Stop teasing me all the time." Sheryl knew that Isla was just making fun of her, but at the same time, she thought this was too serious to be made fun of.

"Relax, Sheryl. It's just a joke. Don't be so uptight." Isla shook Sheryl's shoulders, trying to get her to relax.

"If I took you seriously, we wouldn't have been friends in the first place." Sheryl rolled her eyes at Isla, shaking her head.

At that moment, the elevator opened on their office's floor.

Isla was amused by Sheryl's comment. She held Sheryl's arm and rested her head on Sheryl's shoulder. She pouted and said, "Sher, you're so beautiful today."

"Stop it, Isla. Tell me, did you get into some trouble? What do you want from me?" Sheryl knew Isla so well. Whenever Isla acted like this, she always wanted something from Sheryl.


oduced Phoebe to Josef.

Both Phoebe and Josef seemed a little shy and embarrassed to be on this blind date, so Isla decided to break the ice. She said, "Relax, you two! Even if you don't end up liking each other, you can always be friends. Don't be so uptight. Just get to know each other!"

Isla said encouragingly to Phoebe and Josef.

While both Phoebe and Josef weren't introverted people, this was their first time going on a blind date. Thus, they didn't know what to do.

"President Zhao, would you mind giving me and Mr. Zhang some alone time then?" Phoebe asked Isla.

"Sure, I won't be of any help here anyway. I was going to leave. See you!" Isla stood up when she finished speaking. Just as she was getting ready to leave, something occurred to her. She pointed her fingers at Josef and said, "This is Josef's treat."

Josef smiled politely and nodded in agreement.

After Isla left, Phoebe smiled in embarrassment, "Mr. Zhang, I am sorry. President Zhao is so concerned about my love life. If this causes you any inconvenience, I apologize."

Phoebe thought that maybe Josef was just being forced by Isla to be here tonight. Besides, someone like Josef probably wouldn't be interested in these kinds of things.

'Why doesn't he have a girlfriend? He's amazing!' Phoebe thought to herself.

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