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   Chapter 1641 Has Lewis Finally Given Up On Sheryl

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 8625

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"Please, stop crying. Who are you? What is this place?" Lewis asked, his head throbbing. He was nursing a hangover.

The woman didn't seem to hear him as she didn't respond to him at all.

She seemed to be lost in her thoughts. After sobbing for a while, she then opened her mouth to finally speak. When she did, her voice was raised and angry.

"Last night at the bar, I had too much to drink, and you took advantage of me by bringing me here! I was drunk, and you forced me here. I wouldn't have come with you if I weren't drunk! You bastard! How dare you!"

She felt violated, and Lewis was rightfully to blame. Growing furious, she started to punch Lewis on the chest.

Lewis' mind was racing. He couldn't remember anything from the previous night.

He had no idea what she was talking about. He tried to remember as much as he could about the previous night, but it was all in vain as all he got was a headache from thinking too hard.

'What did I do? Is everything she has accused me of true? I really can't remember anything!'

As Lewis tried to rack his mind further, the door was suddenly kicked open.

Lewis jolted upright at the sudden commotion. Before he knew it, a burly man was in front of him. Behind him were three other men who looked just as burly as the first one. They pulled Lewis to the floor and started beating him up.

"You bastard! How dare you do that to my wife?! Don't you know who I am? The nerve! Hit him! Hit him! Beat him to death!"

"Yes, Brother!"

"Stop! Stop it! You're going to kill him!" the woman cried.

The leader seemed infuriated by his wife's words. He ordered his men to continue beating Lewis up. He then walked towards her and slapped her across the face before she could even say anything.

"Bitch! I've been nothing but good to you! How dare you fuck around with someone else behind my back!" The guy shouted angrily, at his wife. He had slapped her so hard across the face that it left a red mark on the woman's cheek.

The woman tugged at her husband's sleeve as if pleading. She then explained, "No, it's not what you think! He forced himself on me! He brought me here, and I didn't even know it! I was drunk!"

"Who the hell are you people? Stop it!" Lewis shouted, enduring all the pain.

No one listened to him. Instead, they beat him even harder.

The men who were beating Lewis up didn't seem to want to stop, as if they were taking out all the anger they had on Lewis.

After a few moments, the leader raised his hand and asked his men to stop beating Lewis.

The guy said a few words, hi

ch a despicable thing.

In addition to that, he still felt sore from the beating that he had just gotten, and he still had bruises all over his face. If Sheryl saw him like that, she'd definitely ask him what had happened to him. How would he explain to her? Was he going to tell her that he was beaten up because he had slept with someone else's wife?

He couldn't even imagine how that would turn out.

Even though he knew that Sheryl didn't like him at all, he still didn't want Sheryl to know about that side of him.

Lewis felt guilty because he couldn't imagine what Sheryl would think of him if she found out he had slept with a married woman. He didn't have the guts to go up to Sheryl and greet her. So he just decided to stay in his car and watch Sheryl from a distance.

To him, Sheryl had always remained the same. She was elegant and graceful as ever. Lewis' heart raced even while he just watched Sheryl from a distance. He'd always loved Sheryl, and that had never changed. He felt guilty too because he felt like he didn't deserve Sheryl's love anymore, because of what he'd done.

As Lewis watched Sheryl, what he didn't know was that someone else was watching him too. Isla was keeping an eye on him for Sheryl. She planned to call Sheryl and inform her that Lewis was around the area so she could avoid him.

However, she wasn't sure how urgent it was so she hesitated calling Sheryl right away.

As Sheryl passed Lewis' car, Isla feared that Lewis might get out and talk to her suddenly.

Isla's concern was, however, unfounded as even though Lewis got out of his car, he didn't approach Sheryl or anything.

This confused Isla. She thought, 'Has Lewis finally given up on Sheryl?'

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