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   Chapter 1640 Being Drunk

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"Ms. Xia, you're welcome. What's important is that I get paid," Phoebe joked.

Sheryl wasn't only her boss but also like her sister. She had helped and cared for Phoebe over the years. Without Sheryl, she wouldn't be where she was today, so she made sure that whenever Sheryl needed help, she was there for her.

"Wow, Phoebe, you're even more positive than me and Isla." Sometimes, Sheryl admired Phoebe for being worry-free and just focusing on what she needed to do.

"Ms. Xia, Ms. Zhao, if you don't need any more help, I'm heading out now." Phoebe then put down the files she was holding and left.

It was almost time for dinner so Isla invited Sheryl out.

After the whole thing with Lewis, Sheryl didn't really feel like eating.

"Sheryl, I'm warning you, I won't stop until you eat something." Isla wouldn't allow Sheryl to work without having dinner first.

Sheryl had no choice but to go out to supper and eat with Isla.

When they arrived at the restaurant, they met with disaster—Leila was there!

'Isn't she supposed to be at the hospital around this time? What is she doing at a restaurant so near the Cloud Advertising Company?' Sheryl thought to herself, confused. She felt restless as soon as she saw the woman Leila was having dinner with.

'Doesn't that woman work in the secretary's office in Shining Company? What is she doing with Leila?'

The woman's name was Jessie Lin. Sheryl had seen her once or twice before when she had visited Charles in his office. She wasn't exactly sure at first, but now she was because Jessie looked so familiar.

Before Sheryl had time to think it over, Leila approached her.

"What a small world, right?" Leila said rather arrogantly as she eyed Sheryl.

Isla was seething. Sheryl was married to Charles, and Leila was nothing lower than a home-wrecker. Where did she get the nerve to act like this all of a sudden?

"Do you know what it means when someone says that you hav

oman to be Sheryl.

Lewis' face lit up. He grabbed Sheryl's hand and said passionately, "Sher, did you come here for me? I love you."

"You're drunk. Let me take you home." The woman supported Lewis's arm gently as they left the bar.

Lewis felt extremely happy as he leaned against her arm even though his head was spinning.

They went to a hotel near the bar instead of Lewis' home.

"Sher, I want you." Lewis and the woman were alone in the room. Lewis was so drunk that he didn't know what was happening.

He carried the woman to the bed and started kissing her.

When he felt that the woman wasn't objecting, he started to become more careless and reckless.

Soon, their clothes were off. Lewis was satisfied, kissing the woman's sexy lips.

They spent the night making love to each other.

The next day

Lewis was nursing a hangover. He put his hands over his eyes, hoping it would make the room stop spinning. Then he realized that he was in bed with a woman. A woman he didn't know!

He looked around, frightened. Lewis saw that he was in a hotel room, naked and with a strange woman.

Before he knew it, the woman had already woken up too.

"Ah... Who are you? What am I doing here?" She instinctively pulled up the quilt to cover her body. Then she started crying.

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