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   Chapter 1638 Utterly Exhausted

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Lewis only stopped walking when he was directly in front of Sheryl. Then he stopped singing and playing, and just looked into her eyes passionately. Sheryl could see that he was about to say something, but he seemed too excited to utter a word. Sheryl just wanted to get away from there. She sighed and turned away from him, but Lewis grabbed her arm and blurted out, "Sheryl, will you be my girlfriend? We'll be so happy together. I'm serious this time."

Sheryl paused and turned to look at him. Rolling her eyes, she said, "You're serious? Then were you just joking with me back at the hospital?"

She had always thought Lewis to be a mature gentleman until this moment. She thought it would be okay to have a close, male friend. But he had crossed the line, and things were different now. He had hung a huge balloon by her window to show his love for her, and he just serenaded her like a love-struck teenager. She was irked, to say the least.

"Look, Lewis! I'm married. I have two kids! You think that you really want this, but you really don't. Think about it." Sheryl chose each word carefully, afraid to provoke Lewis.

"No, we're perfect for each other, Sheryl. Trust me! Just give us a chance, and you'll see how good it's going to be. You'll finally understand how I feel." Lewis didn't know how to take no for an answer, and he didn't listen to what Sheryl said either. He was so stuck in his own mind, that he refused to listen to anyone else. He believed what he wanted to believe and ignored everyone else.

That was why Lewis just did whatever he wanted to Sheryl without even bothering to consider what she really wanted.

While Sheryl knew that he just wanted to tell her how special she was to him, she was also getting pretty tired of it, and just wished that he would take no for an answer.

Sheryl smiled bitterly to herself, accepting the fact that Lewis was obsessed, and he wouldn't ever stop because he was crazy. She'd already tried to talk to him properly, rejected him to his face, and even purposely avoided him for days. She didn't know what to do anymore.

All she could do now was sigh and ignore him. She turned and went back to her office leaving Lewis standing there. Whatever he did next had nothing to do with her anymore. She wasn't liable for him.

She decided to do as an ostrich does—bury its head under the sand, and wait for it to all go away.

"Ms. Xia, we can't just let Mr. Xu do stuff like that every day. Did you see what people were saying online? Everyone's talking about you two! We need to do something to stop him from doing that again!" Phoebe said anxiously. Even Phoebe couldn't stand Lewis anymore. It was the fifth day that he came to their office to make a scene.

Every day, Phoebe went down to the lobby to send Lewis away with whatever excuse she could think of that day. She was so tired of arguing with him. Her head just ached at the thought of having to deal with Lewis again today. She'd rather hit her head against a brick wall than talk to him.

"You're my assistant, darling! So your job's to help in whatever way you can. Okay, take a break from the business first. Can you honestly just sit there, and watch him torture me

kept nodding his head as he listened to Leila's plan. Soon, his face broke into a wide smile. He guffawed and praised Leila, "Sounds great! I can't believe you came up with this idea all on your own. I didn't expect that from you."

"You're flattering me, Mr. Zhang. I'm only here because I want to protect Charles and the company he built from the ground up," Leila said as if she was the one who had married Charles. Her loyalty impressed Sean.

When they had finished discussing the details, they separated in high spirits.

Leila's plan was simple. All they had to do was deliberately mess up one of the company's deals and blame it on Sheryl. If it worked, Sheryl wouldn't be able to run to anyone because no one would believe her. The project that Leila picked was the one Holley mentioned. It was worth hundreds of millions, so if it failed, it would take quite a while before the company got back on its feet.

Even though it was risky, Sean decided to go with it. After all, he could always deal with it later on. He fell into Leila's trap that easily.

When Sheryl returned to her office, she was in a good mood. She found Isla sitting inside her office. She was smiling when Sheryl came in. Sheryl threw her purse at Isla and said, "What now, Isla? Why are you smiling?"

"Oh, la la! I should be asking the questions! Not you! I was just away for a few days, and everything's already changed. Tell me everything! What's up with that Lewis guy?" Isla grabbed her purse and put it away. Then she stood up and walked towards Sheryl, ready to gossip.

Sheryl rolled her eyes at Isla and sighed to herself. It seemed as if they were best friends, just here for the gossip and not to ask how she was doing.

Just as she was rolling her eyes, she cracked a smile. This was the Isla that she knew. Sheryl could be anything as long as she was with Isla.

Isla could tell from the look on Sheryl's face that she was utterly exhausted from everything that had been happening. Pursing her lips to show her sympathy, Isla then put on a serious look and asked, "Sher, did you tell Lewis to his face? Were you honest with him?"

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