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   Chapter 1637 Lewis' Visit To Sheryl's Office

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"You didn't see the look on that woman's face, Leila. Charles is still her husband but I guess he can't do anything about her now. I can't believe he could stand her before! She's so shameless! Doesn't she know how to behave properly?" Melissa was fuming—her lips were quivering in anger.

Leila rubbed her back to help her relax. She didn't expect Melissa to get this angry, and she couldn't help but worry about Melissa's health.

"Please, calm down, Aunt Melissa. When you get mad, she's just winning. Don't worry about her. She's digging a hole for herself. Charles is going to leave her as soon as he wakes up. You'll never have to see her then. So don't get all worked up now. It's not good for your health either." Leila knew very well how to handle Melissa. After she spoke, Melissa eventually calmed down. Melissa nodded her head in agreement. She actually wanted Lewis to keep on pursuing Sheryl so that she could finally leave Charles alone.

"You're right, Leila. I got caught up in the moment. I shouldn't care about her. It was stupid of me!" Melissa lightly slapped herself as if she was frustrated. She shouldn't have gotten mad and she knew that.

"Forgive me if I'm being too invasive, Aunt Melissa. But do you still see Sheryl as your daughter-in-law? Because if not, you wouldn't get mad, even if you saw her with another man," Leila said cautiously. She looked away when she had finished speaking as if she was afraid that Melissa would get mad at her.

"How could that be? Leila, please, don't think that way. To be honest, I've never treated her as my daughter-in-law. Isn't it obvious? If it wasn't for Charles, I would have kicked her out of Dream Garden long ago!" Melissa raised her voice. She could tell that Leila was jealous and she needed to make her feel better.

"Please, don't get mad at me, Aunt Melissa. I didn't mean anything by that. I was just curious. Please, forgive me." Melissa had instantly appeased Leila's worries as she could tell that Melissa was telling the truth.

Leila knew she would be able to get rid of Sheryl with Melissa's support, so she began dreaming of her future with Charles.

'Sheryl, watch and see. You'll regret starting a fight with me in the first place. I will teach you defeat against a deadly enemy. Charles will be mine!' Leila swore to herself. She turned to Melissa and smiled. Then they held hands as they turned to go back inside the hospital.

They both agreed that Sheryl was an annoyance that they needed to get rid of soon.

After what happened at the hospital, Sheryl headed straight home.

For a good hour, she just sat on the sofa, immobile. She still couldn't believe that Lewis had just confessed to her like that. Still in shock, she wondered what she did to suddenly make him that desperate.

She thought she had made it clear to him that they'd never be together because she loved Charles and that was it. She thought Lewis understood her, so she couldn't understand why he wouldn't just move on.

As much as Sheryl wanted to believe that Lewis would just leave her alone and move on, that wasn't reality. The reality was Lewis not taking no for an answer as he followed her around everywhere she went. Even as Sheryl went to the hospital to visit Charles, Lewis would be there too, proclaiming his love for her. If anything, he was persis

up with something to say to Sheryl. Finally, she decided against it.

"Say something, Phoebe. Don't just stand there like a piece of wood!" Sheryl opened her eyes and looked at Phoebe expectantly.

Phoebe rubbed her eyes and smiled bashfully before speaking, "I'm sorry, Ms. Xia. I've never experienced anything like this before. I don't know what to say or do. Can we just close the blinds? Maybe if we don't do anything, he'll go away."

Phoebe knew that Lewis had no chance with Sheryl. She knew that Charles was the only man that Sheryl loved. Even though she'd heard some rumors here and there, she knew that Charles and Sheryl would be able to fix things. She also knew that Lewis was stupid to do something like this.

Sheryl shook her head at Phoebe and quietly asked her to leave. This was her personal life, and it wasn't her assistant's job to deal with it.

When Phoebe left, she took a deep breath, stood up, and headed to the elevator.

Sheryl thought she would ask security to remove the balloon from her window, but she was surprised to find Lewis waiting for her in the lobby.

Completely surprised, she stopped because she didn't have time to do anything else. Lewis then brought out his guitar and started to play the moment he saw Sheryl.

"This is the woman that I love. I want to show how much I love you with this song…" Lewis plucked the strings and began to sing "Moon River." He was gazing lovingly at Sheryl as he sang, with a look that would have made every woman on earth swoon.

However, Sheryl wasn't one of them.

She rubbed her temples, trying her best not to punch him in the face!

As Lewis played and sang, more and more people started to gather around them; clapping, and urging Sheryl to go over to Lewis and give him a hug or a kiss.

Most of the people there worked with Sheryl in the same building, so they recognized her and connected the display with the rumors that had been circulating online. They began to gossip among themselves. They recognized who Lewis was. They assumed that Sheryl had taken her husband's coma as an opportunity to have an affair.

Lewis probably heard them, but he didn't care. He was busy serenading Sheryl as he slowly approached her.

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