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   Chapter 1636 We Can't Even Be Friends Anymore

The Substitute Bride By Mi Lu Characters: 7701

Updated: 2019-10-03 00:27

Caught off guard, Sheryl found herself locked inside Lewis' arms.

"Mr. Xu, let go of me!" after struggling several times to free herself from his vice grip arms, Sheryl screamed. She couldn't help getting angry at him.

"I won't let you go until you agree with me!" Lewis insisted.

His words took Sheryl aback. She couldn't believe that Lewis would act so shamelessly!

All her attempts of getting rid of Lewis failed. Biting her lip at last, Sheryl finally gave up and stopped struggling.

After noticing Sheryl's silence, Lewis continued, "Sheryl, you know that I did all of this for you. You're the only one that I want!"

"You should already know that you can't force anyone to love you. For the last time, I'm warning you. If you don't let me go, we can't even be friends anymore," Sheryl stated coldly.

Hearing her words, Lewis suddenly came to his sense. 'Why am I being so irrational just now? What have I done to Sheryl?' Lewis thought in disbelief.

He released his grip and stood aghast, staring at his hands. He couldn't believe what he had just done. But he also realized that his feelings for Sheryl were so strong and uncontrollable that he had lost his head at that moment.

As soon as Lewis let go of her, Sheryl quickly rushed away and out of his reach. She was afraid that he would do something to her again.

Soon enough, she found herself a few meters away from Lewis.

By the time Lewis had realized what happened, Sheryl had already reached her car and was ready to get in.

"Sheryl!" running towards her, Lewis called out.

Looking at Lewis from a distance, Sheryl hastened her action, trying to escape his pursuit.

However, Lewis ran faster. Before she could get in her car, Lewis was already standing in front of her.

"Sheryl, I'm so sorry! I was being too rude just now. I didn't mean to..." Lewis explained quickly.

"Lewis, I don't need your explanation. I see you as a friend only, nothing more. I hope you can understand that we can't be together. Please, stay away from me from now on," Sheryl snapped coldly with an impatient expression. She didn't want to listen to any of his excuses anymore.

Sheryl knew that she must put him off as soon as possible. Therefore, she decided to tell him the truth, though it might hurt Lewis to hear.

now," Sheryl said coldly to Melissa, ready to turn around and leave.

She acted so quickly that Melissa didn't have time to react. When Melissa realized what hit her, Sheryl had already driven away.

"You'd better think it over before you decide to be with that bitch! She's a slut, you know?" venting her anger on Lewis instead, Melissa warned him sharply.

After Sheryl had rejected him, Lewis was both angry and sad. Since Melissa now dared to provoke him, he couldn't help but shout at her, "Shut up! I'm not Sheryl. So don't think that I will tolerate you like she does. Leave me alone!"

Pointing his forefinger at Melissa, Lewis stared angrily at her. His bloodthirsty eyes were like that of a ferocious wolf.

Melissa's mouth shut immediately, and she didn't dare say anything more.

Since Melissa kept quiet and behaved herself, Lewis took his leave and never looked back.

Melissa was so furious and frustrated. She still believed that these two people were cheating on Charles, but she had failed to punish them today.

"Aunt Melissa, are you all right? Where is Sheryl?" Leila asked as soon as she arrived outside. The truth was, she had been hiding nearby all this time. She wouldn't miss such an exciting display. With that being said, she didn't only witness everything, but she also recorded them. All of this could become the strongest and most credible evidence of Sheryl's love affair with another man. After Charles woke up, these evidences would surely be enough to convince him to divorce Sheryl?

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